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  • Für mich essentielles Add-on
  • This was the longest & most used add on of any that I have had. I used it all the time with FF & I will miss it. I would save my sites to desktop with simple right click, & put in directories such as this example: - looking for a hard drive so put all urls for reviews & sales sites on the desktop later moved to premade dir named "Electronics " to refer to when time to purchase. Worked simply & effectively for years. FF informed me it is legacy and removed it. I want it back!
  • You may find a replacement, when you search for "QuickCut".
  • Great extension, but not compatible with Firefox Quantum and there's no alternative. I don't think it will be updated, but it should be.
  • Hello developer, is there any possibility of a update for this extension.
    I love the function it provides, but it doesn't work on the latest Firefox.
    Been using it for years

    Please please update it :)
  • Did a needed job & did it very well
  • Anyone know a of replacement since FF 57 came out?
  • An addon I cannot live without. Since it is not compatible with Firefox Quantum I reverted back to the older version of Firefox as I cannot find a compatible addon.
  • Have used dskCut for many years, missing it TERRIBLY on Firefox Quantum ! ! ! !

    (From what I am reading about Quantum, appears the new Firefox engine won't allow some of the old extensions we loved. I hope dskCut's creator. Evan Eveland. will be able to pull it off for us. If so, Evan, thank you so much in advance!)
  • This is an invaluable add-on and I hope the author or SOMEONE will update it for Firefox Quantum.
  • Great add-on. Does what's needed.

    For those having both deskCut and SaveLink : do not enable SaveLink otherwise deskCut doesn't work.

    Maybe someone knows how-to : instead of having to do a right-click, I would like to have a toolbar-button for deskCut
  • It needs a small settings change to work. Once that's done, it works great. Follow this link for settings change.

  • At first glance, working with it is very easy. Used it for a while. Does anybody know if there are similar "shortcut" addons providing similar capabilities? I just want to compare them that is all.
  • Used it as a workaround because Evernote Web Clipper is astonishingly crash-prone -- set up automatic import from a folder on my machine, pointed deskCut to it, and wham bam, bookmark clipping workaround. Not as good as if Web Clipper actually worked, but this ACTUALLY WORKS. Awesome.
  • Used to be great, but it seems abandoned now.

    If you´re looking for a REPLACEMENT that works fine with Quantum, go check QuickCut. Thanks a lot to the person who mentioned it before.
  • Deskcut couldn't possibly be easier and more straightforward to use!! It works perfectly!!
  • I have saves on desktop only with "Prompt for Path" (in preferences).
    (Firefox 46.01 portableapps)
  • Great add-on. Does just what I want it to do, and with the options I need. Have used it for years, and am so glad it's still active. I just updated to Firefox 45, and for the first time ever Deskcut stopped working. Fortunately just uninstalling and reinstalling Deskcut had it working again in less than a minute.
  • Works great! Would like an option to use a keyboard shortcut rather than have to right click - select. Thanks for your work!
  • This add-on is completely useless.Doesn't work. I need to look for something else to help me create desktop icons.
  • hi,
    is it possible to set/change the name and directory of a shortcut we create with this addon? (in pop-up window, not by going to the dir. and renaming the link...)
  • Great little extension! I've tried more recent ones, since Deskcut has stopped being developed, but for one reason or another, always end up having to default to it.

    Only bug i have to report will probably affect very few people using it: the save path does not support special characters like ñ or ö (etc). Deskcut will always convert those characters to a different setting and create a folder elsewhere (eg: "C:\Désktop" becomes "C:\Désktop").

    If you absolutely need to use that specific folder, you can circumvent this issue by creating a junction in windows using mklink on an elevated command prompt: "mklink /j C:\Désktop C:\Désktop" - basically fooling Deskcut into assuming that shortcut you just created is an actual folder.
  • This seems to not work on Windows. I think what this does is create a file on desktop, and when you click it, it opens the website?

    The error I get when I click on "create deskcut" from context menu is:

    NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsILocalFile.initWithPath] deskcut.js:931:0
  • should be a native function of Firefox (hello, Mozilla?).

    BUT: Please, please, please, dear author, finally implement a keyboard shortcut to create the deskcut even faster...
  • I had a problem in one profile, where it wasn't working.
    I used the Option to 'Prompt for Path', and 'Remember' the Path.
    It was working fine, with that extra step - saving to my Desktop.

    After saving deskCuts to my Desktop a couple of times I went back to using Find, which shows my Desktop folder - and it still works.