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This is good for recording what people do on your pc.

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Well, not exactly...

Thanks for your review.

To be clear though, DejaClick is not a keylogger or an activity tracker, or anything of the sort. When DejaClick is recording, it is pretty clear to anyone using Firefox that a recording is being made.

More importantly, DejaClick records only the information needed to replay a browser "transaction" script -- which is a reasonably-sized sequence of browser events (not just HTTP URLs, but actual mouse and keystroke events) -- which is intended to be replayed repeatedly. It does not produce an "activity log" normally associated with keeping track of user activity.

Lastly, putting DejaClick into record mode and trying to record hours of web page surfing activity is impractical and unlikely to be met with success. But you CAN use it to create and superbookmark many useful scripts so you can replay them over and over with a single click.