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  • NO support version firefox
    This add-on supports upto Version 57 on Firefox. The chrome version of the extension available on dejaclick.alertsite.com supports the latest chrome.
  • When you're testing this addon and it's apparently working so wonderfully perfect seemingly solving all your problems, finding out it has no loop function is like a really bad April fools joke. Who knows what was the purpose of that, maybe the addon was indeed uploaded during an April 1st.

    Still, I can find a simple workaround to it by using some autoclicker program with a browser in separate comp, in fact there's probably 10 ways or more to make it loop. There was no purpose at all not to add the loop function already.
  • For some reason DejaClick reverts the dom.max_script_run_time to 10 every time it starts a script. This causes Firefox to complain about a script that doesn't end within the given time, and therefore user interaction is required.
  • I cannot open a link in a new tab. I want to open 5 different links from the same page and have each open in a new tab, so that I can quickly switch between them once the pages have loaded. I tried recording Ctrl+Click on each link, but when I replay the DejaClick recording, it opens each link in the SAME tab. Useless (I could just as well click each link myself). I tried right-clicking each link and clicking "Open in new tab." When I replay that, DejaClick does something - according to its status bar - and then waits forever. Perhaps it is waiting for the new page to load, but it never does, so DejaClick never continues the script. In desperation, I tried duplicating the tab and the left-clicking the link, then duplicating the tab and left-clicking the next link, etc. Upon replaying the script, DejaClick simply opened each link in the same tab once again. I even tried opening each link in a new window, but that was no better than opening each link in a new tab.

    I am giving it 2 stars because in the 2 years since my first review, they seem to have added the ability to record a relative URL (unlike a couple of years ago). I mean if I am using otherwise identical pages for different data and I click links that pass a variable indicating the record, DejaClick now correctly keeps the variable from the page I run the script from rather than using a hard-coded value from the original page I recorded from. There is some hope they will improve the program. I expected they would have improved it even more since last I looked at it, however.

    I can see that if you are simply trying to get from Point A to Point Z in a website, all within the same tab or window, DejaClick could be very useful. But I bookmark the exact page I want, so navigating through a bunch of pages is rarely a need I have. And I use a password mangager (LastPass) to fill in forms and login information, so DejaClick does not help me there, either.

    DejaClick may help someone (so I give it 2 stars), but not me, sorry to say. I am uninstalling it.
  • it works better than iMacro. but how to do repeat replay the same task for X times? i think after all this updates, it should have looping feature.
  • Hi, friends! Longtime reader, 1st time reviewer! (I actually registered JUST to post a review on this!) If you're like me and HATE to install an addon (esp the RESTART tossers,) to find its just a "pig in a suit" read on ...
    I thought addons were suppose to be small, simple, useful scripts adding to the functionality of the firefox's user interface. If you read his def you'd think that to. BUT oh no, this lil piggy wants a double high toolbar on the top and a triple high status bar on the bottom, no biggy you can get rid of um, it's the dev's ignorance iam pointing out!
    Yes it worked, regardless of the time comsuming, complex, jargon (see #3). I created a SUPER bookmark (i think super refers to the tooltip on the link, it wrapped the screen 5 times, ROFL) that opens a new tab, loads google, types in a searchword and search! Amazing ... The wonders of technology eh! (could have done it manually 10k times by then!) Don't forget to checkout the BIG success banners to each step in the results page, (WTFig!)
    Ok, now the jargon, trying to get the jist, he wants you to install another addon, (that does crap, his crap can't!) AND register for a free trial to test your macros or SuperDUPEr bookmarks. Test, you upload it and they discombobulated the molecular deconstruction of the galactic structure, I dunno, i gave up! BUT it sure sounded like a NOOBS trap, to upload their new fancy Superduper bookmark they just made for their bank login, which would have username/password, u know for test'n !!! LOFL, he actually says: you must test it on the desktop and works before uploading, u know for "testing" There is tons more eg his javascript and total access to a websites OS, etc. (why bother!)
    Almost forgot the "power" button, (Wooooooh, all fear the mighty power button,) careful with this one NOOBS! I clicked on it and the house lights dimmed, the cpu fan reved up 10x norm, a faint rosey glow appeared under the PC, i realized this sly dev has somehow strapped an afterburner on the Firefox's butthole! ROFLMAO
    NOTE to dev: Wanna waste my time! You make me go the "extra mile" and expose ya crime.

    goodnite folks!
  • For the tasks I intend it to perform DejaClick works better then iMacros. Thank you for providing. Only the reset of the settings after each (auto)update is annoying (for example "store encryption password locally" is set activated on default) and I would be very grateful if that could be fixed.
  • It's perfect, but how to do repeat replay the same task for X times?
    Currently, the looping feature is not supported.

    This add-on should be banned until author updates it for FF 29.0.1.

    Installed, restarted, got:

    Exception encountered in DejaOverlay.init()
    nextwin.DejaClick is undefined (TypeError) (360)

    Popup was unclosable. Had to force quit FF. Had to start FF in safe mode to remove it. Had to restore session manually. I have never had this happen when installing any add-on.

    You've been warned.
    DejaClick is fully compatible with the latest Firefox releases, including Firefox 29.

    This error could be due to a conflict with some other addon you have installed. Did you try disabling all other addons?

    Please feel free to contact us at dcdev@alertsite.com for help with this issue.
  • ▶Search for and get "iMacros for Firefox" instead.
  • what you're agreeing to:
    SmartBear may disclose your personal information if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on SmartBear or to protect and defend the rights or property of SmartBear.
    so....they can do LOTS of whatever they want...theres also a bunch of other stuff about using your information (fk this)
    We do not collect (and share) any data at all. Our policy that you are agreeing to is not use our technology for commercial gains.
  • Very useful add-on that is easy to use. Default time-out is too short however. The default appearance is also too invasive, with the toolbar respawning and un-hiding itself when the add-on is updated. Not sure why an add-on needs a "power button", but it should be located in the Firefox context menu or toolbar so that the add-on's tool and status bars are not seen when the add-on is "off". Finally, an add-on this powerful tends to meld into users' lives and needs to be kept up to date!
  • Don't lost your time trying this invasive extension. It looks like some kind of malware, but don't a valuable aid.
    Not sure what you are talking about here. DejaClick is neither malware nor does it "invade" anything. It does exactly what it says it does: allow you to record and replay your web browsing activities.

    To leave a useful review, you should provide some details about your experience: What task were you trying to perform? What specific issue(s) did you encounter?

    As always, feel free to visit our user forums at http://forum.dejaclick.com/ if you need help with using DejaClick.
  • Its a good add-on for its genre and is really neat to have it in a toolbar but one way i think it could be vastly improved is if it had a fastforward function! this would make repetitive tasks a whole lote easier.
  • A german- language version would be cool
  • Awesome addon. 5 star. i tried other macro recording addons but all those are of no use
  • Useful addon. Does quite well what it was intended to do. Could be made even more useful to us folks in the testing community if it had some added features to help manage and edit groups of scripts that can be strung together as a test suite.
  • very nice job. works great! and the flash recording feature is truly awesome.
  • Would it be possible to make something a Scheduled Task. For instance, If at a certain time every day, Firefox opened and suddenly all of my tasks were automated?
  • As someone who uses A LOT of add ons, I can't believe I only recently discovered this one. Works perfectly and is very intuitive. Great work. If I missed it, I would like to see it automatically power off after using a bookmark, but just a very minor annoyance.
    Thank you for the compliments. We've worked hard on DejaClick and are happy you liked it.

    Regarding automatic power-off, DejaClick actually does power itself off automatically, as long as it was already powered off when a super bookmark is played. The theory is that if a user has manually powered on DejaClick, then they are operating it interactively, so we leave it powered on for them in that situation.

    Also, when replaying super bookmarks from a powered off state, the normal "Notify when Complete" dialog pop up is not shown for user convenience. In a powered on state, it is. But this can also be adjusted in the system Configuration Settings.

    Feel free to join us at forum.dejaclick.com for any other questions.
    Thanks again :)
  • Great idea and even better implementation, but I miss portability.
    I use FirefoxPortable (Firefox as a portable application) and when I replay my 'super bookmarks' on another computer, it can't find the script(?). This is disappointing, because it is the only add-on I have installed which wouldn't cope with relative paths.

    Can you guys make it to look for scripts in %firefox_path% /....?

    Hope I didn't say anything terribly wrong,
    thanks for this beautiful piece of software,

    By default, the DejaClick recordings folder resides under your current Firefox profile to isolate your scripts from any other users on your computer. The recordings folder is also the default location for all of your Super Bookmarks.

    Its easy to change the default folder where DejaClick reads and stores its recordings, including the use of system variables:

    DejaClick "Configure Options" toolbar button -> Configure Settings.. -> General Tab -> click "Change" button associated with Recordings Folder option

    In the resulting folder selection dialog, you can use the tree to navigate and select any folder you wish. You may also use Windows system variables in your folder path, such as %SystemRoot%, which will automatically resolve when you close the folder selection dialog. However, once a DejaClick script is bookmarked, its file path is set. This is a feature of the "Location" property of Firefox's bookmarks, not a DejaClick limitation per se.

    You might try using a mapped network drive for your DejaClick recordings folder path and ensure that the same drive letter is used on your target computer. However, this is not the most elegant solution.

    Perhaps you could post this as a feature request on the forum: http://forum.dejaclick.com/
  • Hi I think this is a great add-on but besides automated login in, which I don't need because I use Last Pass, what other things do you recommend doing with this? I would appreciate ideas and suggestions.
    Thanks for your inquiry. The simple answer to your question is that whatever browsing activities you commonly find yourself doing in Firefox, you can always create a DejaClick Super Bookmark to repeat it with a single click. Ask yourself this: what did you do in Firefox today that you also did yesterday? Did it take more than a single click? If so, DejaClick could have helped.

    Unlike single-page form filler tools like LastPass that statically record only HTML FORM values, DejaClick records a user's actual mouse and keyboard events within Firefox, and can find what you originally clicked on - even when the page itself changes. It can also record browsing activities across multiple web pages and across multiple web sites, including opening new browser windows and tabs.

    Many sites won't let you bookmark certain pages because they require a fresh login, or their session data or cookie state has become stale. DejaClick lets you create recordings that walk through a web site - beyond its initial login and over to a specific page, including pre-filling form fields. You can then bookmark the entire recording as a normal Firefox bookmark for instant one-click replay, even when the DejaClick toolbar is hidden.

    Power users may also tweak the replay speed of their recordings or adjust script properties such as disabling the 'Wait for all page objects to load' option for even faster performance.

    DejaClick also includes other useful features, such as DejaNotes - the ability to annotate web pages in unique and interesting ways while replaying a recording (which can be shared with a friend). And script variables & external datasets, which can provide dynamic input into your recordings for things like bulk registrations, etc.

    We hope you'll continue to find DejaClick useful and welcome your comments in our user forum at forum.dejaclick.com !
  • Very very easy to use. A great time saver. Saves you from a lot of boring tasks. Not only is this plugin wonderful but so is the help that is provided in its forums.
  • OMG... this addon is the completely fantastic! Each day I have to log into 5 different sites to do my work... the most boring part of my day...especially on days when the sites are slow. I just created a super bookmark to do this whole routine...now just one click on my toolbar's bookmark logs me into all 5 sites in 5 separate tabs and gets me down into the pages where I need to be. So cool! I can now go and get my morning coffee instead of waiting and clicking for 10 minutes each day. Thank You!!
  • Molto utile, bravi!