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Privacy Policy

Web Applications Search Engine add-on

What this add-on does:
* This add-on can be used for any product searches.
* Currently, it support air travel search and product searches from most of the US based retailers.
* This add-on loads a product search request html form file from website.
* Since we contineously change this product search request form for addition of new search sites or categories, it is not feasible to pack this file with add-on as a xul file.

User privacy related information:
* This add-on only collects information which user fills in product searches or any information which is sent in the form of HTTP headers.
* It doesn't collect, expect or store any users private information like name, last name etc.
* User entered form information is passed on to those sites through the browser as if user himself entered the data into those sites.

Please send email to: if you need more information.

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