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  • great
  • thanks !!
  • Indispensable. Thank you for your hard-work.
  • Great. I don't know if the thing it's doing is very important but it's doing it and doesn't cause any trouble when I'm browsing. My kind of privacy add-on.
  • So grateful for this.
  • Great app to have to privacy conscious users. Easy to use out of the box and compatible with other adblockers.
  • This is a great add-on for the privacy conscious. This will basically lessen the number of requests to companies like Google because it uses local files instead of requesting Google hosted libraries.
  • Used to work great, but recently it breaks so many websites I have to disable it. I'm not sure who's to blame here. Just hoping that it can be fixed.
  • awesome. but I think you should show in your test what CDN exactly was loaded.
  • Works great. No bug that I know of.
  • Amazing idea. This is one of the greatest problems.
  • Awesome app, Hope that one word says everything..
  • This extension works great. A must have.
  • One of the greatest add-ons at AMO. Thanks for this.
  • This add-on is an absolute must: it speeds up browsing by improving page loading times, and Decentraleyes improves privacy by loading resources from the local system and not from remote locations. Remote sites sites may drop cookies on your local system. They may also record your Internet activity since you connect to them using a web browser, and get information out of those connections such as your operating system, the web browser you are using, your IP address or location in the world.
    Support from the developer, Thomas Rientjes, is excellent. There is a good description on the Mozilla add-on page, but when I tried the recommended test utility I got a negative result. A bit surprised and confused I contacted Thomas, and he worked with me until I got the setting right.
    To get the add-on working properly, copy paste the rules into uBlock as shown here https://git.synz.io/Synzvato/decentraleyes/wikis/Frequently-Asked-Questions#for-umatrix-and-ublock-origin-non-easy-mode-users
    For an independent review of the add-on see the write-up by Martin Brinkmann of the prominent tech website Ghacks.net here https://www.ghacks.net/2017/08/29/firefox-57-decentraleyes-add-on-is-compatible-now/
  • 20180710-Tu., Welcome to the new world (although we use IPv4). So, yeah. So, you've got some caching proxies. Let's make THEM as useful as we can.
  • Third-party CDNs are bane of the Internet and harmful to users’ privacy. This extension keeps them in check.
  • This is exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot for creating this extension! Keep up the good work!
  • 230 blocked since installation. Awesome add-on.
  • Super Addon - Pflicht neben uBlock Origin, PrivacyBadger und Location Guard.
  • Superb
  • Great tool
  • very useful
  • very useful, thank you