126 reviews for this add-on
  • Hey Didier, it's not working again (I'm using it with Pale Moon and stopped updating about 1 month ago), can you update it? Thanks.
  • It is great to have live updates every 15 mins. one of the most useful apps I have ever had Thank You
  • need this addon, please update to Quantum, Thanks
    also if possible additional currency conversion and display option thanks again.
  • Very useful extension unfortunately it no longer works on 56.0.2.
  • Please Didier, Fix it !
  • FF55.03 Stopped working three days ago. Please fix.
  • I use FF 54.0.1 with Add-on bar (restored). Last couple of days it doesn't show the currency's data, neither from Google nor from Yahoo (round bar or round bar with "Oops!" instead) Please, fix it.
  • The graph is no longer supported because ichart.finance.yahoo.com is discontinued. Other than that good.
  • I like to use it but doesn't work on FF 48,
    needs UPDATE!
    UPDATE: After using addon bar restored I could configure it to work also on default bar, now it's great.
  • Needs to be updated to work with New Add-on Bar. Currently it works only with The Addon Bar (restored), but The Addon Bar (restored) won't work in FF44. New Add-on Bar does work with FF44.
  • Was working well until Firefox update to Firefox 44. Now it's a no-show. Had to install "New Add-on Bar" because "Restored Add-on Bar" is a no show to get "Forecastfox" to work. Why Mozilla can't leave things alone God only knows.
  • Loved this add-on for years...but stopped using it quite a number of months ago because it had become quirky and unstable.
    Re-installed this week... and great...it's working well again.
    Great work Didier... keep it up ;)
  • O complemento é interessante mas não vale a pena. Ele insere propaganda nas buscas do Google.
  • About a week ago DCurrency goes into a continuous loop of updating the rate without stop on Firefox but not Thunderbird. I've had to disable it on Firefox.
    What is your refresh delay in "Options..."? Please answer to my e-mail address.
  • Well unhappy about hidden ads. Such a great tool and it's a shame to see this.

    You can disable it yourself by unpacking the xpi (it's just a zip archive) and modifying dcurrency_overlay.xul by removing a line that includes a ff-overlay.js file. Repack the file again and install it in firefox.
    You can easily disable ads clicking on "Dcurrency" word when ads appear.
  • The newer version includes an adware, this is not acceptable
  • While I like the currency stuff in the status bar, the adware the addon now has is unacceptable.
    Removed from all my browsers.
    Shame on the developer!
  • Shame on you developer to put spyware inside without notice. Besides the add on needs to be placed in the add on bar and not in the statusbar which makes it inmovable and greyed out.
  • I hate this add-on add "Hot Deal Dcurrency" everytime I visit amazon.com
    some pop up show above the price of product I am looking at. so annoying!
    take me while to figure out what causes this. you shoudnt sneak out feature like
    this. Dcurrency should list up all function what this add-on do after install.
  • Ce widget est très pratique, ne reste plus qu'à donner la possibilité de suivre plusieurs monnaies, mais déjà efficace! ;)
  • fajne tylko szkoda że to nie toolbar z osobnymi porównaniami walut
  • I used to like dcurrency, but the ads in recent revisions made Google searches unreadable. The page constantly moves up and down as the ad changes form. I consider this addon to be malware.
  • I have been angry with every man and his dog the past few weeks, because my Google searches have been driving me crazy!

    It turns out that it is this Dcurrency app, which causes your search results to include INCREDIBLY ANNOYING advertising.

    The advertising grows and shrinks, with no option to stop it, which in turn causes the page to shift up and down, up and down, up and down, so that you either barf from sea-sickness, or end-up smashing the monitor against the wall because you always click on a link for a bizarre fetish website or Alcoholics Anonomous, rather than your local football team's homepage!


    P.S. I'd just like to note I'm not a fetishist, nor an alcoholic ;O)
  • Used to love this app and use it all the time, but their advertising made Google searching a nightmare, so I had to remove it after years of using it. I'd return to this app only once this advertising gimmick is removed. I understand that funding may be needed to support this app. Perhaps, you can create a "free" and "paying" version. The paying version can have more features. I'd pay for a paying version of this application because I've been using it for so long and have been happy with it; and also this way I can support the developers. Please think about it. Otherwise, I have a feeling that you'll be loosing lots of customers.
  • I used this addon for a while but now add very instrusive ads. Removing.