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  • can we have the quantum compatibility.. waiting for it desperately ...
  • Please update to latest firefox. I use firefox SOLELY for this addon!! Thanks!!
    and the posts below...
  • Please update for Firefox 57!
    Or lite version for close tab by double click please!
  • Please make it work for Quantum. I didn't realise before how much I need this extension in my browsing.
  • Please! please!! please!!! update this addon for quantum soon.

    it's one of my favorite addon.
    mozilla is not just the same without.
  • One of the reason I was using Firefox but it's not compatible with the new version.

    I saw the dev reply in the support site and after an hour of trying couldn't make it work by porting it with CS Foxified. It always ends with an error. I don't have the skills to try anything else so very sad that I won't have this on mozilla anymore.

    Hope the dev reconsider updating it, or that niallquirke tries his hand on Mozilla.

    Yochaim : I wish you all the best for the future.
  • Best add-on I've ever downloaded but it's not compatible with the latest Firefox, please update it!

    I just read the comment before mine and now I'm switching to Google Chrome.
  • Class! Loved it so much I made a version for Chrome, check it out if you like..

  • Some great replacement therapy if You want to leave off Tabmix monster :)

    To author: It would be more useful if there's an opthion for opening links in THE SAME tab by double click. "Forced open in new tab" function is already realized in FF by middle click, so other one-button solution is wishable (especially for google search results opening etc).
    PS: And also great thanks for KillSpinners :)
  • Firefox に統合されている Pocket のアイコンから Pocket のログイン画面を開けなくなる。
  • Finally, I have doubleclick to clone selected tab. Hovewer, TCO had it solved better as duplicated tab appeared just next to the original. Here it opens far at the and. Would love to see a fix/option for that.
  • a blacklist/whitelist for selected webpages would be a great addition.
    it works on bookmark, bookmark buttons, history panel etc (where ever in firefox ctrl+click will open the link in a new tab), it's not a site related add-on!
    if the add-on doesn't function correctly on a specific site please let me know in the support site...
  • great now i can use the middle click for other stuff !
  • I love to use this addon in my notebooks. I don't need to click any key or use the keyboard. I can double-tap everywhere.

    Just one suggestion: Allow to change the action when you double-click the empty area in the tabbar. Currently it opens a new tab. It could have a setting to allow you to reopen the last closed tab.
    double-clicking the empty area in the tabbar is handled by firefox. it used to open new tab but now it activates fullscreen mode for me...
  • Tout simplement excellent.
  • On en.bongacams.com/members/join double-click on join does not open in a new tab in the current.
    DblClicker simulates ctrl+click which doesn't open this link in a new tab (although middle-click does).
  • Dbl Clicker has been one of my favorites but im constantly facing a weird issue regarding facebook.
    When Dbl Clicker is enabled and if i click add files from the chat window, the add file dialog doesn't appear and if i disable Dbl Cliker, it appears..
    Please fix this issue, more over i was not able to select pictures in an album on facebook while dbl clicker is enabled..
    I will be checking back for a newer version! Hope you help me out!
    Stay Blessed!
    Please test the issue on a new profile and let me know the results (because dblclicker doesn't change site code i find this behavior strange...)
  • Thanks for this useful add-on.
  • Does exactly what it says. Browsing is so much better now. The only thing that can top this would be to open a selected link just by thinking it.
  • woops capst was on but i still mean it. I use this extension constantly on a daily basis. not sure why it's at the top of the list and it's hard to find. better than the other double click add ons i've tried. yippee
  • This is a great addon! Unfortunately there seems to be a conflict with drop down menus and this plugin. It's usually drop downs that involve some layer of javascript but not always.
  • This is the perfect add-on for my 1 click mouse and my multi tabbed browser
  • 一个非常小巧的东西,就解决了我双击关闭标签的愿望
  • Normally I would use a middle-click or mouse-wheel click to open a link in a new background tab. Half the times I would inadvertently scroll the mouse wheel just enough to screw things up. This little plugin has solved the problem! It's so damn handy. I love it!