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  • almost perfect, a pity that tabs are invisible with background
  • Egyszerű, mint a szög. És ez a jó benne!
  • Works on android but it needs improvement. One issue with it is how the top phone display (where the time and battery icon are) is still white, instead of black.
  • I like the black title bar, but why is the background on "new tab" still so light and the menues are still black text on white background. :(
  • Unlike the default dark theme, I can see the active tab with this theme. Yay!
  • On which Firefox/Android combination is this meant to work? For example, the menus are still black text on a white background. All I get is a half-hearted, mid-grey toolbar.
  • I love the dark background, but I would love a really dark gray foreground.
  • thats not dark its gray
  • nice
  • Cool thanks for the preview
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