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  • Out of all the Dark Mode extensions I've tried in Firefox, this is my favorite. It's dead simple. I do wish one minor setting could be added: Darken the current page only, or darken all new tabs/pages.
  • I really like it. It help me a lot for years and work properly
  • very good. But still some dark/black text not reverse to white/bright text to see. Exp: type on google 10$ to VND. We'll can't see the result becasue too dark.
  • It Would be great if it had an exclude list for the already dark pages.
  • Great extension.

    Giving the ability to default to off when you first visit a new site would make it an awesome extension!
  • Lack different options for dark mode, unlike its Chrome version
  • מועילה מאוד לציבור בכלל ולכבדי הראיה בפרט עלו והצליחו.
  • Not working
  • Simple, lite weight, does what it says. Great little App!
  • 非常非常满意
  • Needs an option to be disabled as default. Having to turn it off everytime you open the browser gets a little annoying
  • Not such a great effect, some images should remain original.

    But is this a copy of https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dark-mode-zen ?
    It uses the same screenshots, and the other one (the original?) is older.

    Do you host the source code somewhere?
  • This add-on is awesome, I personally like the way it switches from dark to light mode so easily.
  • It shows the white screen first before showing the dark mode which kind of sucks when you are using it at night.. everything else is good for me.
  • Generally a very useful add-on. However 1 drawback is that if a site you regularly use already has its own built in dark mode (like Discord for instance) then it means you either have to turn on/off as you switch between online tabs, or deal with the already-dark site having bits that end up missing etc, so it would be REALLY HELPFUL if the add-on could allow for you to set a list of 'excluded sites' within which it will automatically not run
  • Recently, my Firefox (version 60.8.0 on Debian 10 w/ X window) is causing hangs on my computer when visiting some pages.
    After enabling each extensions one by one, I have found that the problem show up when this extension is enabled.
    I can reproduce 100% times the issue when visiting the following page: