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  • how do I configure different colors on different pages?
  • I have used this add-on for two years now. It allows me to work in front of a computer for hours (it saved my eyes). I use it on a Windows laptop, a Surface Pro, and my Android phone. I also, added to my desktop computer at work. Terrific contribution to mankind! Thank you Mikhail.
  • Best addon till date.....has been using since 2017..
  • 大概のウェブページをダークモードで表示してくれる。また、ページ単位で簡単にオフできる。
  • Excellent until now. Mozilla says it's broken so please mr Khvoinitsky help!
    Personally I can't read with white background so this is difficult to say the least.
  • BEWARE! This extension "Dark Background and Light Text" screws up Brave and Chrome browsers for certain web sites. With the extension active, both Brave and Chrome do not properly access sites such as "Watts Up With That". Instead of full graphics etc, a basic text menu shows up, followed shortly after by being unable to access the site at all. This caused me a lot of trouble and angst. It looked as if the browser was the culprit, but I didn't think of removing the extension until late in the day.
    There are no version of this add-on for Chrome and Brave.
  • Well done, Mr Khvoinitsky! I like the use of the wheels to tweak my color selections. Used in conjunction with 'Redshift' (linux program), have adjusted the color temperature of my screen to 1900K. Now as easy on the eye as candle-light. Big thanks!
  • very very good.
  • Some of the other addons in this category turned out too buggy. This is my absolute favorite addon for reading online. My eyes are very grateful.
  • I tried all dark addons and this is best. Another addons have problems on some websites, you can't see some dark element or not all parts of page is dark etc. But this addon working perfect, specialy with Invert profile
  • All addons cannot work in Android !!