759 reviews
  • I don't like the dark background and white text. Much prefer the contrary.
  • nice, but how import/export settings?
  • Great add on! Low on memory Usage, better than the extension Midnight Lizard.

    Hoping there will be an option to create more than one custom theme.

    E.g: Custom 1 Custom 2 can be added to the drop down menu
  • It should not change images and logos collors
  • The best dark mode available for Firefox, thanks to its great configurability.
    Highly recommended over "Dark Reader".
  • Love it, works better than Dark Reader
  • I want web page to darker only specific domain, not for all as default. So its need a list to dark color for the linked page- which is listed. And others all are non-darken.
    Huge number of domains can visit by users. Yes, users who wants it always switching on/off for any site with their white list. And but some request is nearly same-that is, which users never need to use this darker software. But only for (suppose-) facebook, instagram, twitter, gmail, example.com1 ,2, and 3 (this 7 domains). He/she needs the list up. So two mode/group for list: 1)white list-not to darken & 2) Off mode- to perform darkening(for listed up) when switched off. And here, can disable option also be set.
    Then users can disable extension or delete list as needs. If this possible system have in an extension- please reply me to define. I found nothing since two years to get it. Thank you
  • Love this especially low memory usage and controls to change colors but I do wish for just a click save option to change background color as I use grey for day and black for night due to lasik surgery.
  • Спасибо!

    Заметил, если включен stylesheet processor режим, то дополнение imagus при движении мышки по увеличенному фото как буд-то не хватает кадров, подлагивает. Можно это исправить?
  • Nonstop warning, crashing browser on certain sites overtime overloading memory and cpu a true junk addon that only looks like it, avoid at all costs.