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  • I love this extension, it's usually the first one I install, & should be incorporated as a standard feature of ff ( along with vertical tabs in the sidebar & per-page RAM deallocation ). Its only complication is that ( on slower machines ) it can't execute before a loading displays its white background ( caused by ff not this ext. ). ( Extensively tried in Linux & Windows10 ).

    And it doesn't pilfer my private data. Viva la libre!
  • Does JUST what is is supposed to do, dark background, Light text... & the BEST thing s you can see the 'buttons', Options, etc. highlighted, not 'buried in the background... THX MK !! (although, I wonder why, isn't it, working on this Mozilla page)?
  • nice layout
  • Thanks Dev, this is a great extension.

    I especially like the way that custom colours can be added.

    Saved my eyes! Love it.
  • Does exactly what I wanted. Only thing that could improve it would be to eliminate the white flashes when first loading a page, which the author is working on.
  • I've tried them all and this is 100% the best one. good job team.
  • muito bomm...........
  • Changed the look of Google Docs, now its impossible to work with google files, cant reverse it. Tried to uninstall and intall, no luck. Can't use Firefox any more because of this s**t.