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  • Too black for me :(. And I don't fancy to adjust the colors for myself - this is what I expect from the addon.
  • This is best of dark addons.
    some dark addons are conflict with addon 'Save Page WE', but this addon have no problem.

    But, It will better, if toolbar icon show enabled/disabled status.
  • Sonraki Sayfa Geçişlerinde Beyaz Ekran Vermiyor Hep Siyah Kalıyor 😃
  • Нормам!!!
  • Simple & effective. Not as much customization as "dark reader" but it works reliably at first glance.
  • Add an option to remove shadows under texts because it looks weird and hard to read on some websites. Plus more options to darken the page will be nice.
  • Finally, a dark theme that's actually beautiful and works very well. Truly a masterpiece.
  • the addon made EVERY website to become dark unless specifically disabled. theres no option for the opposite. this makes it very irritating when you open a new site and its all messed up and i have to manually disable the addon. even though i uses this addon just for ONE site.
  • A great app that doesn't take up to many resources. I also really liked Midnight Lizard but it was to heavy on resources (even with a 7th gen i7 + GTX1060 running arch) so I will stick to this one. This add-on is one of the easiest to configure while providing enough customization settings to make the theme your own. I use it in combination with WaspLine Reader to make the text easier to be read (I'm dyslexic) and it supersized me how nice the text renders, because I had trouble using wasp with other dark mode extensions.