775 reviews
  • Excelent open source addon. Followed suggestions from https://github.com/m-khvoinitsky/dark-background-light-text-extension/issues/222 and tweaked global color from hard dark to softer:

    Default foreground color: #B0B0B0
    Default background color: #303030
    Default link color: #7777ee
    Default visited link color: #663e8b
    Default active link color: #A03333
    Default selection color: #ffd38c

    Worked great!
  • Add an option to remove shadows under texts because it looks weird and hard to read on some websites. Plus more options to darken the page will be nice.
  • Finally, a dark theme that's actually beautiful and works very well. Truly a masterpiece.
  • the addon made EVERY website to become dark unless specifically disabled. theres no option for the opposite. this makes it very irritating when you open a new site and its all messed up and i have to manually disable the addon. even though i uses this addon just for ONE site.
  • A great app that doesn't take up to many resources. I also really liked Midnight Lizard but it was to heavy on resources (even with a 7th gen i7 + GTX1060 running arch) so I will stick to this one. This add-on is one of the easiest to configure while providing enough customization settings to make the theme your own. I use it in combination with WaspLine Reader to make the text easier to be read (I'm dyslexic) and it supersized me how nice the text renders, because I had trouble using wasp with other dark mode extensions.
  • Un reproche, le module ralentit le chargement des pages (elles se rechargent deux fois) donc ralentit la navigation. Autrement, il est simple d’utilisation et efficace.
  • Funciona excelente, veo mas agradable las paginas y evitar demasiada luz blanca y resaltar las letras para poder descansar los ojos.