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  • Ok the last update is so annoying.

    When opening a new page the page itself will do a refresh, this is not the addon's fault. However when this addon start restyling the page, it refreshes for the second time taking about two seconds before it displays the styled page. It does this very consistently so I don't see a technical problem and probably what the developer intended but it's ANNOYING to wait for 2 seconds more before I start reading or browse the page.
  • The only dark mode extension that doesn't completely F*** my ram usage
  • the best of the dark web add-ons i've used and i tested quite a few - one issue with it is that deleting sites from global prefs could be better - an option to bulk delete by CSS method would be helpful if you want to change the default method, as well as a delete all option

    ...and it uses CSP which is potentially problematic because mozilla refuses to fix a long standing BUG that it insists is not a bug
  • Works beautifully but since we have an option to decide what background we want why devs hasn't made an option for text because pure white text on black or grey background is harder to read than black text on white background. I hope devs will an option to change the main text color in future update only then I will update my rating. thanks.
  • iye naon, abdi te ngarti
  • I use it since years and I really love it. Websites should always look like what this addon makes 'em look like!
  • the problem is, when you load a new page, it flashes 1st in white (agressive for the eyes when you leave a dark page) then it becomes dark...
  • hi can someone tell me how is this extension good or..?