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  • Good one very useful
  • I love this add-on. I've tried other new tab extensions before and gave them a fair shot. It just never really did it for me, but this one is different. I LOVE the look and feel and the content is very relevant and all sources I read from daily. This bundles it all up nicely, so I don't have to go looking for it =D. It is very responsive and the over all structure just makes sense. Keep it up! If I had to add anything, I would say it might be cool to have the ability to add RSS feeds, like possibly from Feedly. That is what this extension does though, however, it might add redundancy. Thank you!
  • Since last update I have to go through the setup everytime I open a new Tab. Please fix!
  • Nice feed :)
  • Like the app, but a few nit-picks:
    - theFirefox extension address is really long and annoying
    - links to articles behind paywalls - specifically I've seen ones to techcrunch, which then cut off the story below the window view, so I'm invested, but not enough to be interested in subscribing.
  • FAR GREATER than any RSS collection could ever be!
  • Since this extension is a new tab replacement so when you open a new tab, Firefox shows the extension name(which is really long) in search bar and it ends up taking half the search bar space which is really annoying. It also lacks some features like filters source & tagsetc.

    There is another problem with it, it won't let me login even though I've signed up before, instead I have to go through the same steps of re selecting my interests and then it shows me the login button.
  • Just starting and ... looking so good ! Thanks for making our lifes easier ! LOL !
  • best add on for truly busy developers
    Thank you so much for the positive review! We are more than happy to see that Daily is valuable for you. We hope that the upcoming version would make you even more excited. In the meantime, your opinion means a lot to us, feel free to reach out any time on GitHub: https://github.com/elegantmonkeys/daily

    In addition, I would like to let you know that we are working hard on releasing Daily 2.0. It will have plenty of new cool features! Be sure to subscribe to be the first who gets the official announcement: https://www.producthunt.com/upcoming/daily-2-0
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