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  • I love this add-on. I want to be data scientist. Therefore, the articles related to this area is a interest point of mine. I also like the layout and font of the API interface.
  • <3
  • Some bad quality articles are visible on this "curated news tab", some like articles about people who want to be developers/data scientists but not how to really become.
    The article I mentioned was "bootcamp homework" for somebody. Are you sure should it be on "Source for Busy Developers"?
    Of course, it was not the first useless or poor article about something really unrelated with a tag you are following - #datascience in this case.
  • i'm using this in every possible platform.
  • Good one very useful
  • I love this add-on. I've tried other new tab extensions before and gave them a fair shot. It just never really did it for me, but this one is different. I LOVE the look and feel and the content is very relevant and all sources I read from daily. This bundles it all up nicely, so I don't have to go looking for it =D. It is very responsive and the over all structure just makes sense. Keep it up! If I had to add anything, I would say it might be cool to have the ability to add RSS feeds, like possibly from Feedly. That is what this extension does though, however, it might add redundancy. Thank you!
  • Since last update I have to go through the setup everytime I open a new Tab. Please fix!
  • Nice feed :)
  • Like the app, but a few nit-picks:
    - theFirefox extension address is really long and annoying
    - links to articles behind paywalls - specifically I've seen ones to techcrunch, which then cut off the story below the window view, so I'm invested, but not enough to be interested in subscribing.
  • FAR GREATER than any RSS collection could ever be!