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  • Shame this has died, I depended on it, however, there is a workaround

    open about:config
    set view_source.editor.external to true
    set view_source.editor.path to your editor
    I use Bluefish on Linux so /usr/bin/bluefish
    you may need to set view_source.editor.args too

  • I can't run my website without this extension or one that does what it does. As a result I've had to revert to Firefox 56.02 to keep this extension. Of course, e10s has decimated the add-on library so there are quite a lot of extensions I can't keep on 57.

    This is just the most essential.
  • E10s will kill this by November 17 if no action is taken. Sad that this should be. Great add-on much needed.
  • Firefox with E10s enabled, perform much better than firefox w/o E10s, so I really hope use VSW on it soon. VSW is one of the must-have addons on firefox.
    I upload a image to imageshack to show what's issue currently I encuonter :


    p.s. : I know developer stated that he don't follow the commetns on this site, but I also posted the issue on the official github site too.
  • FIX: I think I found the problem with editor settings not being saved by VSW. I had same issue after creating new FF profile and restoring my FEBE profile backup to new profile. VSW was still looking in my old profile for external editor settings. You can check by going into about:config page and looking at value of "extensions.dafizilla.viewsourcewith.configPath". If your current profile name is not correct in this value, simply modify to show correct profile name. (I also had to delete part of this value that had ".default" for this to work.)
    Once this is done, exit from about:config and call up VSW options - your previous editor settings should now be showing ! :-)
    Hope this works for all of you with similar problem - cheers.
  • If you have trouble installing/upgrading to, you can either get it from the developer's page or or temporarily set your browser about:config page javascript.enabled parameter to false. There seems to be a javascript bug in these addons.mozilla.org pages that misidentifies the browser verision (it claimed my 38.0.1 was 31.0) and generates URLs to the wrong version.
  • I can select application, but the plugin is unable to launch the app
  • CSS, JS files don't open with text editor.
    This is error:
    'viewPage: [Exception... "Not enough arguments [nsIWebBrowserPersist.saveURI]" nsresult: "0x80570001 (NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://viewsourcewith/content/urldownloader.js :: ViewSourceWithUrlDownloader.prototype.internalSaveURI :: line 134" data: no]'
  • Works fine for me!
    Almost did not install because of recent reviews complaining that it did not work anymore.
  • Does not work anymore. On recent FF update VSW cleared the list of editors and there is no way of adding new one. After picking path and setting the name it's not stored. The list stays empty. Any working alternative?
  • This addon is one of the best add-ons but it's a shame that the author has abandoned the project. Really bad! Hopefully the last version will work long.
  • I went to the forums and I see no examples of how and where to put code to launch a program. There is no real information on the web site to either.

    Screen Shot
  • This add-on is excellent on providing the Edit with.. functionality from Internet Explorer and also extending it to atomic parts of the viewing website. It's a shame that Mozillla Add-On page didn't get updates from v0.9.1.1 all the way to v0.9.4.1 inclusive. Most users doesn't know about the project on Sourceforge so they didn't get updates, as a result it stopped working for newer Firefox versions, leading to unfair negative reviews on this page. Version finally appeared here, but it was late to save the lost reputation of this add-on. As fate is not always fair with humans, so it isn't always fair with software products.
  • [JavaScript Application]
    viewPage: TypeError: Components.lookupMethod(...).call is not a function

    FF: 18.0.2, Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux i686; rv:18.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/18.0
    ViewSourceWith true {eecba28f-b68b-4b3a-b501-6ce12e6b8696}
  • I used to use this addon very frequently but it's a shame that it no longer works on new versions of FF and the author has abandoned the project. Uninstalling...
  • Very nice but with FF15 I'm having the same problems. I'm now using the "Web Developer Extension" addon that also includes sourceview functionality and many other features.
  • Since Firefox 15 this great add-on is broken.
    I hope the Author will fix this as soon as possible. I need this add-on.
  • Love the add-on, but is no longer working as of Firefox 15.0.
  • I love this add on, it was just what i was loking for.. :D
  • Very nice, but is it posible to open selected/highlighted text to Notepad like http://mfe.gorgias.de/#sendto

    I don't seem to be able to set that up.

  • Thanks for that good add-on, it is very useful but can be more,
    You know, most developers are using offline testing for their system (such as Xamp,Wamp,ISS...) and when we are testing our codes in browser we usually want to edit source code directly.
    Your add-on copies source file in "temp. directory" and open from there (so there is no chance to edit and save back original files in localhost) but if there is an option (if file is located in localhost, open from there) to allow for editing original file, then this add-on becomes awsome..
    Thanks for your effort again.
    This is well documented on ViewSourceWith wiki

  • "View image with [xnview]" stopped working in Waterfox 9, just nothing happens. Version 0.9
  • I use FF 3.6 and VSW 0.7.4
    Option "Use path relative to profile" doesn't work if profile and editor on different disks (on Windows).
    "normal" path was, for example:
    D:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
    and relative
    \D:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
    first backslash creates preview
    F:\AppData\Firefox\D:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
    and of course editor won't launch :(

    VSW should use relative path to firefox.exe, not to profile dir, and the path should starts with ".." (unix-style) instead of "\"

    PS. sorry for my terrible english :)
  • @Rico La Fonda, I just downloaded latest version ( today and it's working fine with Firefox 5.0.1 and EditPad.

    I include plain text files as well as html files in my website and this plugin is just great for offline editing of plain text files before refreshing them in Firefox (which also displays them). Maybe this is an unintended use, but sure works well for me. Of course its main purpose is to edit your html source code in your favorite editor while viewing in FF (after refreshing, of course).
  • This simple, yet powerful add-on is perfect for many purposes. Source can be "viewed" with any application, so it's not just limited to viewing HTML source. Send embedded images to Photoshop. Override Firefox's assumption (or the website's MIME info) about a link by sending it directly to Word/Excel/PowerPoint. View CSS in Dreamweaver. Even "view" a page in an alternate browser (sacrilegious, I know).