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  • I love this extension and use often, It is no longer compatible with Firefox Quantum. Would love to see this resolved so I can continue to use this.
  • very useful
  • looks very useful
  • Excellent addon. So much missed!
  • Very useful addon, but stop working on Firefox 57+, so I have found some replacements:
    - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/table-to-excel/
    - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/html-table-capture/
  • Excelente plugin
  • Fantastic tool, or was. Updated Firefox to Quantum and as advertised, your add-on no longer works.
    Please, PLease, PLEase, PLEAse, PLEASe, PLEASE update it as soon as possible.
    We work with nothing but tables delivered in a browser and with your tool it took no time to copy and paste.
    Now it just painful :-(
    Hurry !!!!!!!!
  • Molto utile,semplice, perfetto.
  • Where is the 6th star? How long have we wasted time trying to copy tables in the browser? This tool just works perfectly. Thank you for such a great piece of software!
  • Probably one of the best and most useful add-ons ever built. This is copy-paste on steroids!
  • This addon has saved me so much time; it fulfills such a necessary function for building documentation based on web docs, account portals, etc. Thanks so much!
  • I am a developer and this thing saved my day. I simply copied all the data with a single click and used Find&Replace trick to achieve my goal. Awesome!
  • I wish I were able to copy a table from a webpage and paste it into a plaintext editor with separators of my choice still there. For example to create a CSV from a table or make one like this:


    Great job though!

    Edit: I actually CAN do this. I'm not sure what I did the first time, but I couldn't get it to work at first. Now it's working. EXTREMELY helpful. Worth donating but I will not use paypal because they steal from me.
  • Several times a day at work I find myself having to copy data from tables in jira/wiki/error logs / etc. This extension makes it completely painless. I've been using it for years, and have never found a problem.
  • Perfect for column cut and paste when creating technology crib sheets.
  • 5 Stars and more !!!
    Just Perfect ,it is what i need

    I want to ask from Developer to make an option
    to exclude the Header ,so i get only raw Data ,that will be nice !!
  • Nice aad on
  • I want the shortcut of Ctrl+Doubleclick = Copy Whole Table.
  • So its May, the Kentucky Derby was last weekend. The last time this plugin was updated was August, and the latest Mozilla totally breaks it. Very frustrating. It's like getting addicted to crack. This product does what it says and does it very well, but the developer just can't keep up with the pace of Mozilla releases, so just when you need the product for some project, it's gone cause you upgraded Mozilla to keep your security intact. So enjoy this product for the life of one Mozilla product update cycle, and then do without for a month or four while the developer catches up.
  • It work like an perfect machine! Thanks a lot, great job
  • Excellent work. Latest build ( installs and works under SeaMonkey 2.5b3 on OS/2.

    I have a monthly report which I generate from an app connected to a Postgres database. Normally, I select all of the rows and columns, copy, & paste into a fresh email (the only email I actually send HTML-only). With Table2Clipboard, copying the entire table is a snap (several hundred rows), and the pasted output is faithful to the web-based original, including fonts and shading. This will make my life much easier going forward. Bravo!
  • Useful addon
  • SO COOL! thanks
  • cool extension but there are some conflicts with firebug (ie CTRL+SHIFT+C for fast html elements selection does not work)
  • I don't need this extension very often, but when I do ... it is a HUGE timesaver.