Minor Flaws Rated 4 out of 5 stars

So, if this is a Beta, where is the full version?
I did see the 'Beta 2' I believe it's called, but I don't like the blue and red in the buttons.

I really like that you took the Default Firefox Theme, and simply made it black.
It's really nice, for me personally anyways, because I like black and I don't like the monitor to be a beacon shining into my face.

However, there are some minor flaws:
- When I try to see the Properties of something on a website, like a picture, all the details are in black text on a black background.
And I also can't select everything at once to make it readable.
So that text should be gray or white to make the Properties usable.
- I found a similar problem with the 'Page Info'-feature.
Only there you have tabs, and the text of the tab-titles are white on a white-gray background.

So those features are pretty much unusable.
And finally like probably some more people, I'd like to see the scrollbar(s) to be included in the theme.
At leas the one of the main viewport on the far right.

Overall this is one of the best alternative Firefox-themes, it's simple, clean and dark.
Apart from the minor flaws it's about perfect.
I switched from the 'Black Japan' that probably most users that want a black theme have.
But that one has got more flaws than most people realize.
More than this one and it doesn't look as nice anyways.