Only missing the API key Rated 4 out of 5 stars

First review attempt threw an error...Sorry if this duplicates.

@IsoNick The goo,gl API requires a key specific to your account to store shortened URLs for you. This extension (and all others i've seen that offer goo,gl shortening) don't have a user setting to provide the API key. And i don't even know if it's possible to open it as a user setting.

Hopefully this developer will do an update if it is possible. For a couple reasons:
1. Users get their shortened URLs stored in their Google accounts
2. Minimizes privacy concerns that the developer isn't feeding his own API key and (mostly anonymously) harvesting URLs into his own Google account.

Anyway, 4 stars for now, the 5th given for being able to provide my own API key. i like the feature of being able to do my own bitly OAuth, but i prefer goo,gl.

Because of the reason that I develop this project in my free time, it will take a little bit until I release the next version. But I'll try to implement this. Yours, Christian