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Version 13.3 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 and later

Compatibility with Firefox 4.0 (was Firefox 16.0).
Some parts simplified with broadcasters.

* 0585457 (tag: v1.0.4) Milestone: v1.0.4
* f59bd9f Change: removing handleEvent function and event listeners as they got replaced by multiselectionContextBroadcaster.
* 9d34664 New: menuitems now listen to multiselectContextBroadcaster
* 662d3b9 Change: min version supported shifted from Fx16.0 to Fx4.0
* 23a5a3d Change: query restore_on_demand pref only if the pref exists
* 171b07a Change: use CutCopyPasteTabs.Services instead of Services.jsm
* abc11fe New: CutCopyPasteTabs.Services added as Services.jsm is not present in older versions of Firefox
* 48e5c65 Change: init Transferable only if the init function exists (compatibility reasons)