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  • Please update this addon!
  • Please How do I add Wikipedia
    in which file ..
    Thank you☺☻
  • Sadely this addon didn't get an update for a long time. I have a problem with the images search. It adds "&usg" behind the link, so it doesn't work.
  • Really wish this would get updated. Google Images relinker is broken and so is most of the ad blocking. Been like this for a while. Was really useful when it was being supported.
  • Schützt die Privatsphäre und bietet viele nette Features für die Suchergebnisse.
    Umfangreiche Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten, aber es lohnt sich alle mal durchzugehen!
    Leider länger nicht mehr aktualisiert...
  • This July 2009, Google added a new image search preference toggle button right beneath the image search query box which now ignores the settings programmed by the user in CustomizeGoogle's "Sticky Google Preferences" (trademark) (AHEM) Safe Search Setting in the strict,moderate, or off positions. In addition to this new button, the main Google preference page also now ignores the Safe Saearch Filtering sticky preference setting set by the user inside CustomizeGoogle.

    CustomizeGoogle is the BEST extension because of their sticky preference feature and I hope they fix this so that people can set the safe search setting of their choice sticky once more.
  • This add-on was responsible for issues with switching between RTF and Plain Text editor. The browser was loading the editor in Gmail interface, but could not complete the action. This is my observation. After I disabled this plugin, Gmail editor was working again properly.
  • If the author can't maintain it anymore, please announce it so that someone else may take on the work. Either that or someone pleeeease just create a spin-off already. The vast majority of the useful features are already broken and has been for months. This extension is essentially useless now.
  • This extension is awesome but horribly outdated!
  • Great addon BUT this really needs to be updated as some of the great features are no longer working, such as re-writing the link to point straight to the image on image search. I really liked that feature.
  • This is one of those great addons that work for heavy users of Google. Unfortunately, it is also one of those addons that require frequent updating in order to stay in sync with the Google website. Here it is almost July of '09 and the last update made was Oct. of '08.
  • great addon, but this should be updated.
    can't remove ads for 'images' on google.
  • This addon should be updated! As Juull said many enhancement doesn't work!
  • very useful collection of google tweaks that make using gg services much more convenient and efective.
  • Nice plugin, usefull features .

    But too bad some features wont work (anymore), like 'stream' (cool feature), and view picture immediately.
  • Unmaintained and mostly broken.
  • I loved this extension when it worked. But thankfully I've found Grease Monkey scripts that replace most of the functions CustomizeGoogle used to do.

    For those wanting an entire package of customization options, use the Google Fx script: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/31950. It offers many of the same options to customize google.

    If you only want the direct image links option, use this Grease Monkey script: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/5288. It works perfectly. Much easier than hassling with editing the CustomizeGoogle javascript file.

  • For those who are still having trouble with the direct image links (for example getting the &usg=... crap in the links, causing it to 404), you may need to make 2 changes to the javascript file, not just 1:
    You MUST CLOSE Firefox or the file will not update.

    Find "customizegoogle.jar"
    In "\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\60esbr6h.default\extensions\{fce36c1e-58d8-498a-b2a5-66ad1cedebbb}\chrome\"
    "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\60esbr6h.default\extensions\{fce36c1e-58d8-498a-b2a5-66ad1cedebbb}\chrome" for vista

    Open the file with Winrar.
    Find "javascript.js"
    In customizegoogle.jar\content\customizegoogle\

    Drag and drop the "javascript.js" file to your desktop
    Edit "javascript.js" with notepad or similar.

    change (approx line 31):
    var googFonts = selectAllNodes(document, document.body, "//FONT[contains(@color,'#008000')]");
    var googFonts = selectAllNodes(document, document.body, "//DIV[@id='ImgContent']//FONT[contains(@size,-1)]");
    (if you have already done this you will probably be getting &usg= in the page links)

    change (approx line 42):
    var urlmatch = googLinks[x].href.match(/\&imgrefurl\=(.*?)\&h=/);
    var urlmatch = googLinks[x].href.match(/\&imgrefurl\=(.*?)\&usg=/);

    Save the file.

    Drag and drop the "javascript.js" file back into the Winrar window.
    Winrar will show a small window, click OK.

    Open Firefox and try a image search, It worked for me :)

    (big thanks to kadusa, SomeOtherDude, and Glav for actually figuring these out, I just put them together)
    Wouldn't it be nice if someone actually developed this extension.
  • Since CustomizeGoogle is sadly no longer really usable, I have written a solution:
    If you need working position-numbers within Google.de for instance, just try this Stylish-script: http://userstyles.org/styles/18622 Stylish is a plugin to be able to use userstyles for sites.
    If you happen to need it for another Google-site, just change .DE to .COM or whatever you need within the CSS-code. It's easy.
  • As many have said, this addon seems to be abandoned. It's a shame because I find it essential to websurfing. I hope someone can take the reins and continue working on it. That said, I think most of the functions still work. Other reviewers have offered a fix for the direct image linking and it works.

    But another problem is the streaming images get stuck in an infinite reloading on google images. A refresh of the page usually fixes it but it's still annoying. Anyone know of a fix for this?

  • This addon is malfunctioning for a long time due to some changes of google layout as well as the lack of addon update to address those issues.

    I finally replace the function of this addon that I need by making use of other addons I already have, and install some greasemonkey scripts & 1 more addon.

    If you simply want the basic function of this addon on its edition in the google search layout, you may try GoogleEnhancer: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6435
  • This add-on, deserves one star, no more. one of the most important features, to directly point to the image in google image search does not work. Basically this feature is the reason to use customize google. If i wantred to see the page, that google wants me to see, i wasn't gonna use this add-on in first place. Currently i find it useless and i do not use it. I will use it again, when the author fixes this feature.
  • Super!
  • Just delete/move google.xml in the Firefox\searchplugins folder, and everything works again. Hooray!