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  • This is the most important addon for firefox.
  • As seems to happen so often these days, another own bite the dust, or rather the corporate ass. Firefox is going the way of Google and selling out.
  • It seems that OptimizeGoogle is a newer Version of this Addon (CustomizeGoogle) and regulary updated on the sourceforge homepage: sourceforge.net/projects/optimizegoogle
  • "Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try Google Minimalist instead."

    You guys are kidding, right? Google Minimalist has nothing to do with CustomizeGoogle at all. The former completely anonymized search results, the latter just changes Google's design into a goofy-looking box on a select few pages. Like saying, "No apples? Just eat oranges, man. Same thing!" You guys can't be serious.
  • filtert um google um alle werbungen und unnützen mist - super addon!
  • Why is this app not available for FIrefox 10.0.2? Are there any other apps that I can use to Anonymize the Google cookie UID?
  • @nonhocapito CustomizeGoogle was abandoned in 2008. OptimizeGoogle was a fork to continue the project.

    Unfortunately now progress on OptimizeGoogle has been halted, so they are looking for new developers.

    However, OptimizeGoogle was updated as recently as November 2010 so everyone using this addon should switch to that anyway.
  • Confusingly identical to "optimizegoogle". at least use different icons, people!
    not that it makes much difference. it's ironic that both extensions are here, and neither is being properly maintained.
  • Does'nt work with Firefox 6.0.

    Is there an alternative or development version we can use ?
  • I love using Firefox went it works what have you don I love using the Google add on now on version 6 guess what you cannot use it please sort this out otherwise I will have to go back to windows explorer which I hate very much so come on Firefox sort it out please. Then I will give it five stars!!!!!
  • If it's not working for you just use OptimizeGoogle it's more or less the same thing.
  • Use "Add-on Compatibility Reporter", then it works with Firefox 4.
  • Pls update this great addon !!! :)
  • When is there a New Update for this? for Firefox/3.6.12
  • Nice Addson I like it
  • Nice plugin usefull . thanx
  • Awesome tool - update is desperately needed ...
  • An excellent add-on, but if you think this anonymizes you from google while the internet, you really have no idea how broad their extent is on the internet and the various tools they use to collect data.
  • It used to be a great extension, we need an update!
    Good job anyways
  • Not 4.0 compatible- worked great when it did but not updated for two years.
  • You could install Nightly Tester Tools and not have to deal with install.rdf or manifest...

    Also, this addon seems out of development. If I want no ads, I'll let Adblock Plus help in killing them.
  • Sorry - Google mangled my previous review post..
    Inside the install.rdf file look for the tags
    anglebracket em:maxVersion closeanglebracket and change the version number to 3.7 inside all sets of such tags (should be at least three sets) and CustomizeGoodle will now work with version 3.6.8.
  • This addon does work with current versions of Firefox (versions 3.6 onward) but you have to modify the install.rdf file. Download the .xpi file, rename it a .zip file and unzip it. Use Notepad to edit the install.rdf file Look for the tags (there will be a few of them) "someversionhere tags and change all of them to 3.7 or higher. Then rezip the files (NOT THE FOLDER) and rename the .zip back to .xpi before using mouse > right click > open with Firefox.
  • Is this addon dead? It's like years that the direct image relinking on Google Image Search is broken.