I just cannot believe I will be FREE of such a torment Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I find it amazing how the Firefox developers find ways of make me close all my tabs accidentally. Each damn version has a new way to do it, each new way is very difficult to disable. One ingenuous person can wonder: why not just configure it in about:config to ask for confirmation? Well, it may or may not work, depending of the version or the command.

For example, in Firefox 12 at Ubuntu, Firefox will not ask for confirmation when you press Control+Shift+W. BTW, Control+Shift+W is outrageously close to Control+Shift+E, the tab groups shortcut that I use frantically. And it happens every freaking damn dumb crazy version: a new, dispensable way of closing Firefox is added and does not respect my previous configuration; or a old way of closing Firefox just decides to ignore my configuration etc. Just look at any Firefox bugreport about this problem: someone posted it in 2003, people point that the problem returned in 2006, and then in 2010 and so on...

But you now what? It seems to be past, because this extension works like a charm. I just disabled the irritating Control+Shift+W shortcut - or, actually, I replaced it by some other, harder one. This is in fact a possible improvement to the extension: to allow the user to disable a shortcut.

No problem, however: just the way it works now is more than sufficient to alleviate the pain Firefox developers insist on inflict on us with their despicable shortcuts and bugs. Thanks!

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