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  • Does exactly what is says. Minimal fuzz. Golden!
  • This has enabled major timesavings for my wife who has to use an atrocious UI for exam marking, and it's enabled moving the scoring and submit buttons to save several seconds scrolling and searching for a tiny distant 'submit' button - that's at least 50% of the time per question - simple maths answers, so high-volume. Thank you!
  • It's really hard to use newer versions of this plugin, because the UI page is so small. It's impossible to read the text, and at first I thought it was just a screenshot. I can't tell exactly how the table at the bottom is supposed to work. What do the "DomainTop" and "Tab" columns mean? Why are there three checkboxes? I can't tell whether new rows are active or not. Do they need to be saved, first?

    Isn't making the web more beautiful half the point of having this plugin?
  • Does not work at all.
  • The UX is sometimes a little bit borderline but overall the addon does what it should. Thank you very much!
  • Great add-on. Thanks for all your effort!

    FYI, some one mentioned a while back that disabling/enabling would remove the styles, but it worked for me. I just tested it and first the settings/styles didn't reappear, but reloading the add-ons page brought the set styles back.
  • Same JS runs multiple times, creating too many event listeners. Don't know why it has to run so many times?
  • man, you should work on options interface, its ugly as hell
  • CSS and JS scripts that you load onto your domains can be connected to any website. Only ingenious!
    Of course you can also write the scripts directly locally into the AddOn.
  • Love this add-on! I was using Stylish but it started giving me database read errors so I tried this and it worked perfectly! Easy to use interface too. Only ask I would make is can you make the window for editing CSS and Java script bigger?
  • Great Work #Developer..
    It's Awesome..
  • This doesnot work with adblock enabled, extremely disappointed.
  • Não gosto muito da interface, mas funciona bem.
  • Es justamente lo que buscaba, cambiar detalles de css en paginas y que se guarde aunque sean dinámicas, me hiciste la noche feliz.
  • very good user interface.. loved it..
  • A joy, thx!
  • Excellent module ! Très pratique pour adapter les sites tiers à ses désidératas
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