v2.5.0 is a dud without Status Bar access Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Dear Kertis, Regards v2.5.0 release alterations to suit Firefox 4 [and thus forgetting that many many C.G. users are still using Firefox v3.x and will autoupdate to v2.5.0 without discovering you've killed off the limited Status Bar access v2.4.0 enjoyed.

PLEASE RESTORE (the existing limited) STATUS BAR ACCESS for Firefox v3.x users because it is now almost unusable.

Why? Because Firefox 4 will be a dud with many thousands of users (i.m.h.o.) if it doesn't have a Status Bar & just because lemmings jump off cliffs, doesn't mean that CustomGeometry has to be one of the first to jump (in fact it's better to be towards the rear as you're more likely to land safely on top of others!!!).

In the meantime I'll go back too v2.4.0. and thanks for the unintended heads-up about Firefox v4.x not having a Status Bar.

While I'm writing to you; the one feature I'd like to see added is full user access to CustomGeometry from the Status Bar - rather than having to go too Tools>Extension Options>CustomGeometry in order to add/change/delete a window

My Rating v2.4.0 ''4 out of 5'' a perfect 5 would be given if the user had full access from Firefox Status Bar; but i.m.h.o. for Firefox 3.6.x users v2.5.0 is a ''1 out of 5'' because it is now almost unusable.