Awesome! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have been sadly remiss in reviewing CB2. I have used it for quite awhile now and LOVE it. I consider it to be one of my most important extensions. I have well over 100 buttons installed and I miss them all since switching to a browser that is not compatible with CB2. Thanks to CB2, I was able to remove quite a few extensions that did one thing and one thing only, which was provide a single button to do that one thing. I'd much rather have one extension do multiple things, rather than have 4 or 5 extensions doing 1 thing. CB2 greatly helped in treating my "extensionitis"!

Everyone at the CB2 forum is wonderfully helpful in making new buttons from scratch (something I've yet to try), editing existing buttons to suit the individual users needs and fixing any button issues there might be. Although I don't see that happening often at all.

Everyone has been so very patient and helpful when I've asked what I am sure are dumb questions. No one (other than myself) has hinted that the questions were dumb. And if someone has a doable request, they try to either direct the requester (is that even a word???) to the right place if the answer is already on the forums or they answer it, with none of this "RTFM noob" I've seen elsewhere.

I've asked for buttons and received them quickly. I've asked for help in editing buttons and got it fast. And have been told "you can do it" when I've expressed that someday I will attempt to make my own buttons.

All in all this is an excellent extension with wonderful support.

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Thank you

Thanks for the awesome review, and it is great to have you on the forum!