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Current Site IP 1.0.14 Requires Restart

by WebDatamation.com

Webdamation is pleased to offer a new Firefox plugin developed by our own team which should be a useful tool for any website developer.

This new plugin gives you an advertising-free, direct way to get a website IP address you need when working on site development.

No doubt you, like ourselves, work with many different internal and external sites during development, and find it difficult to remember which website uses which server. We thought it would be convenient if there were a plugin that would display the current IP address as you were working on a page.

However, we were unable to find any that didn't direct us to an advertising-filled page before getting us the address. Others bombarded us with unnecessary information before giving us the address, and others required an extra command prompt step before getting us the address.

So we created a direct, easy to use plugin that avoids all those extraneous steps and information.

Simply add the Current Site IP Plugin to Firefox. It will show you the IP address for the site you are browsing in the status bar at the bottom right of the Firefox window.

We hope you find this new plugin useful, and we'd appreciate any suggestions for additional features or reports of bugs. Let us know what you think at firefox@webdatamation.com.