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  • The extension works great. I've been using it forever (before the current betas, I used to slightly mod the windows version).

    Now, I'd be happy to make a small donation to the project if you could update the add-on to include MacOS native looking buttons - I could even provide the image files for it - even though is not exactly the point of it.

    Extension signing broke my modding habits. :(

    Developer response

    Since there are a few requests to add "better" support for MacOSX, I experimented with some code for navigation toolbar buttons.

    Next CTB beta will replace the currently broken "simple" navigation toolbar button style with default toolbar buttons style Firefox offers for "hovered" state on MacOS.

    "Old" MacOS buttons where atually fixed button images, while creating button shapes now is done by css code to keep better compatibility between Firefox versions and to save space. Not sure, if fixed images would still work the way they did, but as you said, this might be a feature for another add-on.

  • I'm wanting something like the old Firefox macOS icons. However, you don't have support. I'm asking if you could get it on full support instead of limited?

    Developer response

    You can install CTBs beta versions on Firefox for MacOS and only use the icon options. https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/cstbb/versions/

    The add-on is on limited support for MacOS and Linux, because it is intended to offer old Windows features for Windows version of Firefox. Not everything possible on one OS is working the same way on another OS.

    You can use all CTB options on MacOS, but some might not work properly, others however to work correctly. There is no reason not to install beta versions as they are the same as the default release version (last beta=release), but only tested on Windows by AMO editors.

  • I use that to show the button forward.
    And It very nice works.

    Lo uso para mostrar el botón adelante.
    Y trabaja muy bien.

  • Is it possible to make/use bigger toolbar button pictures. I'd prefer 24pix. (I have used xpDefault theme, but author stopped its support from TB 45. It used 24pix icons and they were better seen). Not being a programmer I tried to replace tb_mail_tb3_strata.png with bigger icons but all icons disappeared from toolbar at all :)

    Developer response

    The default icon size is/was 16x16 - 18x18 px since a long time and CTB only replaces current icons without messing around with their dimensions.

    Most Thunderbird themes are still working in Tb 45+. You have to download them (xpi/jar file), rename .xpi/.jar to .zip, unpack the file, open install.rdf in a text editor, replace the "maxver" with a higher version number, repack them again and move the zip file into Thunderbirds add-on manager to install it.

  • I would appreciate it if you add Classical-shaped Buttons support for the Status Bar in Status 4 evar Addon :)

    Developer response

    No problem.

    Next build will cover S4Es status bar too, when "add-on bars" option is active.

  • With this Addon i love my Firefox more.

  • Firefox looks much better now, thanks.

  • super mais pas assez de choix...

    Developer response

    What do you mean with "not enough choice"?

  • I love the flexibility this gives me on changing the layout of Firefox! My only request is the option of using "Modern red/orange/green/etc Icon" for all the navigation buttons, similar to the download button. That way I'd be able to match my forward, back, stop, refresh, and home buttons to my theme.

  • To always display the forward button go into the options for this add-on and select "Enabled + classic small buttons".


  • Classic Toolbar Buttons is an excellent extension, and one I've used for years. I love it.

    For me, at least, it was sabotaged by the latest upgrade to FF 40.0. My toolbar icons blew up in size, and also stretched horizontally. Efforts to fix the problem by tweaking the CTB settings were unsuccessful. Finally, I disabled the add-on altogether, which partially restored a look of normalcy to the toolbar. The icons shrank back to their regular size.

    My heart goes out to add-on developers! Keeping ahead of Firefox upgrades must seem like an endless, uphill battle. At any rate, I'm confident that Classic Toolbar Buttons is only "temporarily indisposed," and I look forward to using it again soon. Thanks, Aris!

    - - - - - - -

    UPDATE: Thanks so much for your help, Aris.

    The icons did shrink slightly when I installed But now, instead of stretching horizontally, they're stretched vertically (and the frames around them are vertical rectangles instead of squares).

    I know a fix will come, so no rush. Thanks again!

    - - - - - - -

    FINAL UPDATE: Problem solved!


    Thanks, Aris!

    Developer response

    You are probably using HiDPI mode within your Windows settings. ~125%+ font/icon size.
    Next CTB build will fix this bug.

    Try this build: https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/cstbb/versions/

  • Hace lo que promete, y va un paso mas hallá ofreciendo versatilidad al usuario.

  • I downloaded it in hope I can move the refresh/stop buttons, but it doesn't seems this addon allows it. Are there plans for it?

    Developer response

    This add-on changes button appearance, it does not add new ones or change current ones features.

    If you need additional buttons like movable reload and stop buttons, you have to install "Classic Theme Restorer" add-on: https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/classicthemerestorer/

  • adjust compatibility with "Classic Theme Restorer"

    Developer response

    What exactly do you mean by that?

    CTB is compatible to CTR.

    If there is an option, that does not work properly, report the problem on CTBs or CTRs support forums using screenshots and a detailed description of the problem.

  • Avast anti-virus just popped up a warning that this add-on has a bad reputation. Ha! Who decides such a thing? I like the add-on and don't see any problems and I use other add-ons by the developer. I am not going to remove and will tell Avast to ignore.

    Maybe someone should send something to Avast to tell them to remove the bad reputation rating?

    Developer response

    It seems Avasts 'Browser Cleanup' issue is back.

  • Great addon, does exactly what it says. Really helped me when the new firefox updates screwed up the UI for us users...

    Keep it up!

  • Previously, this add-on mostly worked (though of course unsupported) with OS X, but 1.4 does not. It's a much-needed complement to CTR--any chance of some "unofficial" OSX compatibility? Really, even just the navigation bar icons would make a big difference. Thanks for this and Classic Theme Restorer, generally--Australis would otherwise have made me go back to some less-desirable browser.

    Developer response

    Buttons on OSX are too different for current code to work correctly compared to Windows or Linux. However most main features work fine using CTR 1.4.3 on OSX.

    Look at my screenshot (large/small buttons + main Fx3 icons):


  • It works for what I wanted (Colored buttons instead of gray) with default and stylish themes on Kubuntu.

  • Hi!
    I wonder if it's possible to also use larger icons/symbols in the navigation pane and secondly I'd also like to know if it will be possible some day to use different symbols when you hover over a symbol, so one as the normal symbol and a different symbol when the mouse cursor hovers over the button.

    Developer response


    there are no plans to add bigger icons for this add-on. Currently there are 24 icon sets for Firefox and 7 for Thunderbird. Even if big icons for all of them would exist (they do not), this add-ons size would become unnecessary big. I doubt somebody would want to install this, if its size would be a couple of MegaBytes.

    There won't be an option to switch icon sets on "hover", but I could provide css code for Stylish add-on to achieve something like this. Contact me via email or post a request on support forum and write which two icon sets you have in mind.

  • Hi Aris,

    Surprisingly, it seems to work with Linux... My test config is my personal dev web server. At the time of my post, here are its specs:
    - Xubuntu 12.04 LTS (64 bits)
    - Desktop Xfce 4.8
    - Firefox 31
    - Classic Toolbar Buttons 1.4.2
    - Classic Theme Restorer 1.2.3
    - Classic Bookmarks Button 1.0
    - Personal Menu 6.2.0
    ... and many other addons...
    - Ubuntu Firefox Modification addon is disabled

    That way, I can get back the Kempelton icons... There are a few display bugs but nearly none when disabling classic style for nav bar buttons. I did not try other options nor with last Ubuntu release.


    Developer response


    Most major features work fine, but there are issues with dropmarkers and some non-default buttons. Because of that Linux support is still experimental and not official.

    The icon settings however work fine on every platform.

  • Thanks for giving the users yet another way to kill Australis. :)

  • Perfect!
    Sorry. After restarting Firefox the new sidebar icon (Fx30) appeared again (I use the Fx in portuguese, I do not know exactly how the icon name in the english version).
    I had not restarted Fx because the disappearance of the icon was only with the theme "Mozilla Mix", all other themes worked perfectly. And I was doing a long download and could not restart Fx.
    Perhaps this was because I was using the "Mozilla Mix" theme at the time the CTB updated to version 1.4.0
    Again sorry my fault. I appreciate your prompt return to my question.
    Thank you very much.
    Worked fine in version 1.3.6 (Firefox 30), but in version 1.4.0 the "sidebar button" is invisible when the "Mozilla MIX" theme is selected.
    Thank you very much.

    Developer response

    Thats very strange, because sidebar buttons icon is visible for me. Are you also referring to the new sidebars button introduced in Fx30 or are you talking about a different sidebar button?

    Have you tried to restart Firefox after updating CTB to 1.4.0?

  • In the FF30.0 I have a blue flash around "green download button" after the files have been downloaded. =)

    P.S.> OK, thank you =)

    Developer response

    I know, the "green" button got replaced in Fx30 and CTB only referres to current Fx files, so the 'green' option automatically becomes blue too.

  • Thank you for such an addition to the nightly build of Mozilla's all so convenient and important in Russian! Wait for updates!