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Thank you so much for implementing the for-/backward-buttons from FF3! Theres one more thing, I think should be added. As you may already guessed I generally like the icon style from FF3. But in my opinion some icons just dont fit in ff19 anymore. I would suggest you would add an option where you can pick which icons from which theme you want to have (if thats even possible at all). I made a pretty bad montage on what I imagine this to be like. http://i.imgur.com/ISArlas.pngI'm still flashed that you really implementet the Buttons I requested last time! You're awesome! ;)
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[Edit after answer:]With the picture I just wanted to show what I mean, but yes it's what I would pick. I dont have any experience in programming add-ons and I dont have any idea how much work it will be to add something like I suggested... I thought of this "pick icons" like theres an entry in "Main Theme" what you can select. Then a window (for example like the one I made) pops up and gives you the option of picking the icons you want. (I made another bad montage of that: http://i.imgur.com/toYxXrM.png ) If you want to email me the code my adress is in my Mozilla-Profile.mfg[Edit²] I discovered a little "bug": http://i.imgur.com/eSnvHaE.png . If you use the FF3 buttons, The arrows will be normal (right image), but after restarting FF the right arrow will be grayer than before and it looks a bit strange (left image and this only happens if the right button is inactive). To Fix that you have to set "classic icons for..." and then "Navigation-Toolbar" off and on again. But you have to do this each time you restart FF.

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Such an icon combination needs many new seperate options on "add-ons" page (~27 main entries with ~14 sub entries for each of them) and people could lose overview.

Maybe I'll add a seperate window for that in some of the next versions.

One thing bothers me, would such options really be used? It would be much easier just give you the code for your favorite combination. If you would prefer such stylish code like seen on the screenshot, I would send you it via email.

I will send you an email with the code.

About the bug you are referring to: Do you still have the option to show the hidden forward button enabled? It is not needed anymore, if you are using the new FF3 button options. It is causing the wrong not needed opacity for the forward button. This is the default opacity for the 'default' forward button.