Aris You May want to start Support Thread Topic for CSTB v1.0.7pre testers Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I recommend starting one here:

Note: The reason I suggest this is that I have quite extensive bug report for CSTB v1.0.7pre2.(Using Large Icon Mode setting and 2 add-on Incompatibles that break CSTB v1.0.7pre2 on Nightly Fx14.0a1).

If you do you may want to link it to CSTB AMO site page as the Support site.

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Here is the link to the new support thread:

Keep in mind FF14.0a1 toolbar buttons support in CSTBB is experimental because it isn't final in FF nightlys (yet?). They could change a lot of things that may break this settings even more.

In fact I see some add-on toolbar button incompatibilities too even without CSTBB installed or enabled.
There is a part in the new nightly css code where they set some paddings that affect all non-default toolbar buttons. I believe they could change this later or force ext. devs to change their add-ons code, who konws?