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" Wrote by: Aris (Developer) on March 21, 2012

Hi rob64rock,

I guess you are looking for something like this:

If there are not real issues I may upload it as 1.0.7 final. "

OK, I done some testing and here's what I observed and I made provided some suggestion Ideas.

For those that place Toolbar buttons on the 'Menu Bar' you may want to Add a (Disable or Enable) option:

Menu Bar Toolbar buttons = (CSS Id: #toolbar-menubar)

Note: If you do add the 'Menu Bar Toolbar option' you may want to exclude button syling for the 'Menu Bar's menu items(Ex: File, Edit, view, Bookmarks, Tools, etc...) = (CSS Id: #menubar-items).

You may need to enhance the Bookmarks Toolbar option, like this:

Bookmarks Toolbar:

1st - (Disable or Enable) option:

Bookmarks Items & Folders = (CSS Id: #PlacesToolbarItems)

2nd - (Disable or Enable) option:

Default & Add-on Toolbar buttons(v1.0.7pre isn't currently applying any button styling)

Note: The '(CSS Id: #PlacesToolbarItems)' is customizable and can be moved & placed on any toolbar even on the Add-on Bar, using Fx Customize Toolbar Palette.

So, you may need to do the options this way:

1.) Menu Bar Toolbar Buttons = (CSS Id: #toolbar-menubar)
2.) Navigation Toolbar buttons
3.) Bookmarks Toolbar buttons(v1.0.7pre isn't currently applying any button styling)
4.) Bookmarks Items & Folders = (CSS Id: #PlacesToolbarItems)
5.) Add-on Bar Toolbar buttons

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Hi rob64rock,

thanks again for all suggestions. I believe I included anything you asked even support for "todays" nightly 14.0a1 update. ;-)