@Johan Andersson ABOUT MY LAST REVIEW!!! Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I gave this 2 stars this time because i REALLY wanted this to work, but:

1. @Johan, I'm sure you are using the paid version and I cannot reply to a review comment here
2. 2 stars wont negate my last review and wont effect the rating differential much in relation to the one star in which I believe this deserves

3. YES, i watched the youtube video
4. YES, I also went through the steps in the image slider on the add-ons page
5. YES, I did 3 and 4 again twice more to make sure I wasn't sleepy after another long night of coding
6. Started again the next morning, got it to update twice out of 10 times
7. It constantly says FTP is syncing, but it doesn't sync most of the time

8. Again I REALLY WISH THIS WORKED!!! because I use firebug with copy&paste more than Dreamweaver, PS and Filezilla combined...

Rated 1 out of 5 stars


I tried the free version to make a decision on whether or not to buy it...

1. After install I went through the directions step by step 5 times, restart computer, restart firefox, second guessed my genius...before it worked the first time

2. So, I got happy. It finally worked

3. tried the exact same steps 3 more times on the same site, same file. worked once more

4. realized it seemed to work only after making at least 10 changes...Wrong

5. Then I looked in my file because i noticed it mixed css pseudo hover with the actual value of the property which I never modified

6. tried to change it from firebug and sync. But, no worky!!! no sync again even though I changed nothing in my process

7. Gave up on this garbage!!!


Sadly it does work. But maybe i'm kind of developer blind. But I use it on a daily basis myself. Did you watch the usersubmitted tutorials at the install page?