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  • La migliore estensione per la gestione dei cookie. Semplice ed efficace. Peccato che non sia previsto un aggiornamento a Firefox Quantum. Ancora perfettamente funzionante su Waterfox. Incomprensibile perchè nessun altro programmatore abbia ripreso l'ottimo progetto.
  • I´ve denied cookies globally (weird since I´ve NEVER allowed or let allow them at all), and then deleted most of the sites that I don´t even know. But now the sites that I use are meeting troubles, for example Netflix that I clearly allow it but the sites doesn´t let me log in.

    Please an update.
  • Don't I know it! This is the one and only add-on I've used to manage all of the cookie permissions.
    It's simple, powerful and it is intuitive at all.
    OK, currently it has some issues in FF 42/43. But I look forward to see a solution soon. Who's guilty? Not this add-on, definitely! It worked well for years. The browser guys changed something - kaputt... Nevertheless -> ILIKEIT
  • Can you describe the current situation? Firefox43 was released. However, currently not yet been the situation improved. Firefox44 is whether you can handle up to be released, or can not, please report of the current situation.
  • 5 stars even if it as of now it doesn't work with Firefox 42> , simply because it's the simplest and most effective cookie management extension that I've ever used.
    I hope it gets updated soon.
  • @deeny for his post/rating : the developer has clearly mentioned :
    "Attention: CS Lite Mod (version doesn't work with Firefox 42 or later. I'm considering measures because this add-on needs a major change.", so rating badly when information/explanation is provided seems to me inadequate.

    Indeed, a new version is required. My hope is that the author will carry on this excellent work -- the best in its category IMHO -- so that it may continue to be the excellent companion to cookies' management.

    Hence, I stick on/with 5 stars because the unavailability is only the fact of an update. The add-on's architecture is valid and well thought.
  • Since FF 42, certain sites' (google, fb, etc. ) cookies are blocked unless 'Accept Cookies Globally' is checked...
  • First of all, I wish to thank in the most sincere way the author of this version of CS Lite. Thank you for taking your time and effort to maintain such wonderful and most needed add-on.

    Since this month, something very strange is happening and very bad (06/2015) with the way how CS Lite Mod behaves with cookie permissions. Although I’ve made reset/clear exceptions, there is no way for present CS Lite Mod to remove Youtube cookies for longer then a few minutes. Although it was always blocked with my settings, recently, Youtube cookies are constantly allowed, even when I made sure, again, and again, that this is impossible, according to my settings.

    I’m using the latest update of Firefox 38.0.5. just to be precise. I hope this will be resolved, otherwise it is compromising seriously CS Lite purpose.

    P.S. I would gladly ask this on CS Lite’s forum, but page for CS Lite’s support is using so many scripts, it almost makes me sick.
  • Great extension after CookieSafe stopped working with Firefox 38.x. Thank you :)
  • don't mean to pick on this developer in particular, but cookies are only a part -- a small part -- of overall privacy protection

    any extension that deals with cookies should also handle local and session storage and probably LSOs as well
  • Excellent functionality, full features, easy to use - 'nuff said. One of the first add-ons I install in Cyberfox (which is now my default browser, in protest against Mozilla's Australis psychosis). CS Lite works perfectly in the 64-bit version of Cyberfox.

    Just one very minor flaw: there needs to be a 'lock' setting to prevent commands from being accidentally dragged off the right-click menu. Thanks for the FAQ - it saved me a lot of frustration! But honestly, how often am I likely to *want* this feature? Probably once, when I first set up the add-on on a new install of Cyberfox. Don't get me wrong, menu editing is a cool feature. But it should be disabled by default, and require explicit enabling in Options. Not a big deal, though.
  • CS Lite keeps losing some of my website settings. A website I've visited for a long time will suddenly be set the default blocking cookies. Happens on different sites.
  • It's a very good tool to control your cookies on specific websites.
  • I use it in every installation. It gives me an easy control about for which site I like to accept cookies.
  • My favourite cookie manager, it's simple and does perfectly its job.
  • My understanding of the difference between Session and Temporary cookies is that a Session cookie is allowed for every session, but a Temporary is only allowed for the current session.
  • The button really needs a tooltip to identify it. I was able to add one, but it would be nice to have one built in.
  • This Addon is the one I have had for the longest time. Since, I think, Firefox 2.6 or something (The earlier version Cookiesafe). Nothing more has to be said...
  • hi
    please add sync support
    for setting and allowed cookie
    and session cookie
    everytime i clean everything in firefox
    allowed cookie
    and session cookie are also cleared.
  • This is my favorite cookie managing addon. I've been using it since it's previous incarnation, the original, "CookieSafe", and CS Lite.

    My 1 and only gripe is, as someone else pointed out, the pointless drop down arrow. It serves no purpose, so I wish they could just axe it. No big deal really, but I'm a bit OCD, so I'd rather it just wasn't there. This gets 5 Stars otherwise.

    So get on that... ; )
  • CS Lite puts cookie control in the hands of the users, where it belongs. Love the ability to choose specific levels of allowance (allow, session, temporary, block...), as well as the options to block or allow globally.

    One small note: "Deny Cookies Globally" doesn't display via the drop-down arrow since I upgraded to Firefox 20. It's odd, because "Allow Cookies Globally" is still displayed. I can still access that function, but only by right-clicking the icon to open its options window.

    Anyway, thank you so much for this! I use CS Lite constantly. :)
  • Great add-on! I've been using this one for years, and have found it to be the best cookie permission add-on of all !
  • Thank you for that!
  • Thank you for supporting SeaMonkey !!
    because CookieSafe 3.1a10 doesn't work with SeaMonkey...
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