28 reviews
  • Save me a lot of time ! Nice work !
  • não está mais funcionando :/
  • so good!

    oh no!
    it does not work after one day!
    reports unknown error!
  • Хорошее дополнение. Очень помоает искать нужные флоаты.
  • Does not work with 55.0.3
    Actually it doesn't work for half a year or longer.
  • Good oood
  • Just like it says. A nice float viewer for firefox.
    It feels faster that steam inv helper for chrome.

    Love it!!!!
  • Me gusta lo q veo
  • 很好用,谢谢
  • Nice dude! Keep working on it and other Steam plugins!
  • 必不可少的,必须支持
  • 试试
  • 很好
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