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  • very cool theme and i like it very much. but some problem with many FF version.
  • The best Theme but unfortunately it is not compatible with FF above v5. -> only 1 star. As soon as it is compatible with the current version of FF -> 5 stars!. Sorry.
  • This is the only theme I ever used. Before Firefox 5. Any chance it could be updated? I can barely live without it. I had it customized to perfection and now it's gone.One star missing from my rating for being incompatible with FF5.
  • My favorite theme. This is a nice clean theme. It is not an busy eye-soar like some other themes I've seen. I hope it becomes available for FF4.
  • Mein absolutes Lieblings-Theme. Ich hoffe, es gibt bald die version für FF4
    Danke fuer die Arbeit
    my absolute favourite theme. I hope, I will available for FF 4 soon
    thanks for your work
  • Looking Forward for a new Version that will work with FF 4.
  • Sign me up too, I want it. Bad. :-)
  • im also one of those who d like to see update for v4 :)
  • LOVE this theme!
    Please make it compatible with FF4 :-)
  • Please make it compatible with firefox 4.
  • Please update it for Firefox 4 Final!! Thanks!! I appreciate your hard work on this extension.
  • Unfortuantely, with the release of Firefox 3.6.13, the "Mostly Crystal" theme stopped working, and I was force to go to this theme; the closest one to it. I would have used this theme long ago, but for one thing — there is so much wasted space in the menu dropdowns. The leading (space between vertical lines) is ridiculously huge in this theme, making a previously small dropdown flow off the bottom of the page. Is there any way to reduce that spacing in Crystal Qute back to normal?
  • Would be the best fitting theme for Fx till now ...if the mostly used button would not be missing (right beside the tab windows) -> [ + ]
    ...and i don't talk about the Icon "New Tab" you could add into the toolbar (= waste of space). moreover the close button inside tabs is also important to have IMHO!
    i hope you will update that... thx!
  • This is working with Firefox 4.0b6 as long as you remove the full screen button from the bar. I like this, easy on the eyes and it remind of the older years of browsers. The look is bright and inviting.
  • CrytalFox Qute is my favorite and only theme. Five Stars. It's the best out there! I have contributed so this talented developer can continue his work.
  • Others have noted the lack of a Add Tab button; I also don't see a Close Tab button, either. Both appear if I switch to a different Theme. This is with Tab Mix Plus, if it matters.
  • Is it possible to add to this addition to the menu buttons like "OK" blue theme of Vista-aero and a progress bar to do as well.
  • On Windows new tab button is also missed. :(
  • I'm on Linux, I can't see the add new tab button.
    I'm using Firefox 3.6.
  • Any plans for an update to FF 3.6?

    To Ben K: Windows XP... I'm using the "New Tab" button. Are you sure you don't see it?
  • I would have given this five stars, but the theme is missing the "Add New Tab" button.
    Honestly, I don't like the new tab button anyway. But that is just me I guess.
  • Please, add icon for "sort by date" button in addons window.
  • Please, add icon for "sort by date" button in addons window.
  • Please, add "new tab" button and icon for "sort by date" button in addons window.
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