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Hi there!

I've been using CrystalFox Qute (CFQ) for quite some time and I'm lovin its simplicity and beauty. When I switched from Firefox 3.5.x to version 3.6.x, however, the RSS feed icon Firefox displays at the right-hand side of the location bar if the page I'm viewing contains an RSS link has gone missing.

Also, with CFQ and Firefox 3.6 the Extensions window looks a little less sexy than with 3.5. Here a GIF image showing what I mean: http://is.gd/aKVTo.

The gray border at the location bar's left-hand side has also become a little thicker, see this image: http://is.gd/aKWcA.

I thought this might've something to do with extensions interacting with each other but this behavior occurs on a clean Firefox, too. Any chances you could look into these issue and make CrystalFox Qute as sexy as it was til Firefox 3.5?

All the best!