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  • Left side of list of file names is cut off for some file names..

    Edit: thanks for the reply! the addon is very useful.
    Hover the mouse pointer above the file name to see the full file name, or resize the sidebar to see the the full name.
  • pretty well thought out and certainly very convenient - nice piece of work
  • Rated 3 because it does not show extension ID. So I'm resorting to the usual (my handy GFs... ...my hands)

    So yeah, 3 stars for good intent and work. But this goes to trash-bin if it does show addon-UID right in the about-addons page two weeks from now (like the one I used to have 5yrs ago already but gone dead.... thx bushbama :-{ )

    edit: That escaladed quickly ;) I just found what I needed all along (and already had)

    Yep.... turns out that "about:debugging" is all I need. I just made a short-cut/fav in my bookmark-bar, right along side my "about:config" icon, and that's it ;)
    Sorry, but this extension of yours is going to the trash-bin right now. But thx for making me search further.
    Showing the ID somewhere in the UI has been part of my wishlist for a while. I have filed an issue with all details needed to implement the feature; follow the feature request at https://github.com/Rob--W/crxviewer/issues/82

    PS. This is a personal project from me, provided free of charge. Please consider that demanding a feature in an entitled way is very rude.

    EDIT: If you were looking for extension IDs of an already installed add-on, look at about:support#extensions-tbody
  • awesome ! now use it with potential payload downloader https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/open-web-launch/ to audit it for shenanigans...

    Let me add that the "downlad as zip" is kinda redundant by now, since a right-click can now downlad as .xpi file just as well.
  • Thank you Rob!
    Works great even with FF older than 57.

    For people who, do not understand much about javascript,css syntax or even html, but know how an ip and web-page address looks like, it is till useful to look at an extension source code.
    In that regard would be very useful if you could made somehow a filter(search) that finds web-pages and ip adresses inside the source code of the extension. Now, someone can manually find them either by looking to all the lines in all the files(which is too much for most of us), or by searching "something", like '!.com' and then going with "next" trough all the files, but there are a lot of finds that are not addresses, like for ex. ".comments". The idea is to hit some desirably "search addresses" and to find only ip and web adresses, so then we could jump to each of them inside the code and decide next if further investigation or not is needed. Well, I was dreaming with my eyes open, but anyway, even if you wont do what I was trying to explain, you already have done a good job for over simplifying the reading of the source code.

    Someone mentioned earlier in a comment, something about firewall for Firefox....well, uMatrix is the closest FF extension to a real firewall, that I know of. Check it out: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/umatrix/

  • Great extension!
  • Excellent!
  • Should be built right into the core of Firefox.

    Ironically web extensions are more secure, better for the user -- yet here we are, more news of Spyware add-ons finally getting blacklisted after hundreds of thousands of downloads.

    The damage was already done. Since we have to do our own vetting process, we need the tools. We have a source viewer. Now we need a diff viewer to checks updates and an add-on firewall to manage the connections.
  • Best work I've ever seen.
  • Great extension, makes it easy to audit extensions.