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  • helpful, but will not allow deleting history of items marked as spam or hidden.
    Needs to allow deleting cashe for different users
  • I'm a huge fan of both craigslist and this extension. It makes browsing so much easier. The only problem I've been having as of lately, is I can no longer subscribe to feeds. Regardless of how many times I click "subscribe", nothing happens. Strange. Any help in figuring it out would be appreciated. Keep up the great work and thanks for developing it.
  • Works great! Works as advertised. Developer is also very responsive. I hightly recommend it.
    Thank you for the review!
  • I just started using this addon and it is great. The main reason I installed is the Favorites feature.

    Is there a possibility that the Favorites can be tied into the Craigslist account so that they can be shared across multiple computers? This would make the Favorites much easier to use rather than having to use import / export.

    Thank you.
    Thank you for the review. Sharing between various devices is a useful feature that I was thinking before. I will give it some thought on how best to streamline the process, and the effort involved. Craigslist doesn't appear to enforce "login" for marking post favorites, so that means if not login, there is no sync between devices either. Furthermore, using CL's favorites would mean constanly updating code to CL's changes to make it work, rather painful, if I can avoid it. Sometimes, need to work around their problem/limitation, which is also another issue I rather avoid if possible.
    Thanks again, and I'll give it some more thought.
  • Great add-on, but is there a way to sort the ads by date? I see ads from different dates mixed together. (Apologies for posting the question here, userscripts seems to be down.)
    A list can be sorted by price, date (newest), relevant. These are provided already by Craigslist. By default, it is already sorted by "newest". However, the reason you see some old stuffs because people "repost" or "update" a post. When they update a post, it will be sorted at the re-post/update time.
  • I love Craigslist Fusion and have been using it for a long time. Unfortunately userscripts.org is now down so I have nowhere to get the updates for Chrome.

    Vy, Have you considered moving the script to https://openuserjs.org or https://greasyfork.org?
    David, thank you for the kind review. I looked into those, but still not sure to invest more time on them yet.
  • Craigslist Fusion makes using Craigs List just about as easy as it can be.

    I wish there was a way to disable the add-on handling the mailto: links. I don't use any of the services listed for web mail, and would rather have the ability to cut-and-paste the address.

    If there is a way to do this, please let me know.
    RickM, with the many recent changes to this area by CL, the email/phone number dropdowns is not yet very stable piece of code.

    To get to work as of now, please click on the little icon next to the listing item link, or clicking on the item link itself, which ever works (depending on your Preference settings). It will bring you to the original post and you can use CL's link.
  • Best of all the other craigslist addons.
    Thank you!
  • I absolutely love this app. The favorites feature, the no-click access to both text and pictures, one-click flagging. I have a couple of suggestions for additional features that I'll submit to support. But this app works perfectly as is!!
  • Housing area searches dont show number bedrooms that the actual website provides. So its pretty un usable for housing, however everything else it rocks.
    Do you have a link and a screen shot showing it's not there? I know it's not in the detail's title. But in the listing title, the # of rooms are there.
  • Nice add-on. I had been using Craigslist Helper for years even after they discontinued it. I tried Fusion in an earlier version and did not like it (cant remember why). v9.4 works terrific. Is there a way to change the default email to something other than gmail?also, how do I unhide a post after I hit hide postThanks

    update: When I hide posts on some pages they stay hidden when i close and reopen firefox, but on some pages all the hidden posts keep reappearing?

    Update 2 - When I hit the x in the blue circle (hide button) the post immediately disappears. I do this 20 or so posts on multiple pages, all the posts disappear. Then I close Firefox and re open those bookmarks of the same pages, all the posts that I hid are back, this happens consistantly. I am using FF 20.0 and mac OSX 10.6.8
    thanks for the review. I have updated the add-ons to show the hidden entries in version 9.6.

    Also, email server options are now provided (still in beta, but should be working other than things like line break.)

    Re-update: I could not reproduce the showing of hidden entries when testing it. Please note that "hide" feature does NOT really work in the Map view as currently design. However, when switch to list view, it will hide the entries as usual. I will try to test more. However, there is a limit on how many posts are hidden for memory and performance reason. It however rotates, so you shouldn't see the 20 entries again right away. I have increased that to 6000 in the latest version 9.6. Please try to see if it helps. Also, there is a link to show the hidden entries again. Please follow the link in this add-on page to create a post in the support page. I will follow up with a few steps for troubleshoot this issue. Another thing, if you open multiple windows or multiple tabs of listings, and hide some of the entries in each, I can see the "hidden" entries are lost due to memory of one page override the memory stored in another page. So for now, please do not do expect it to work in multiple openning listing in a same time (tabs or Windows). This is a known limitation of the addons.
  • works great and makes cl a lot simpler. Note, dont use the default install button on this page. Go to download versions link and getthe newer one. For some reason its defaulting to 8.9 which has a bug that doesnt show all the content/ The newer one fixes this.
    Thanks, mystixa!
  • Love the app. Does seem to have no content issues on occasion but love the preview option.
  • My bad... the review I submitted a couple of minutes ago were based on the prior release of Craigslist Fusion (8.9). I just installed the current release 9.0.3 and it cleared the problem.
    (I cannot explain why the prior release was in my Firefox, as I'm sure I just added Craigslist Fusion yesterday; I must have carried it over from prior iterations of Firefox and enabled it rather than Google-searching for the latest release, because an add-on search I just made from Firefox on "Craigslist" did not return a link to this add-on at all).
  • same problems as earlier commenters. love the extension; gonna give it 4 stars hoping for a fix soon.
    Please update to the latest version for the fix.
  • I've had this for probably close to a year, but now clicking on the listing title is not bringing up the listing, anyone else having this happen?
    There is a setting for making it clickable. Another method is to click on the 1st little icon to the right of the title to see the post (in another tab/window).
  • I have given this ap a 5 star rating, but it has been acting up lately. It's a great ap! Been having error messages when I try to access anything.. Please fix. Thanks
    Please update to the latest version for the fix.
  • Soooo much better!!! I love marking the favorites. I will be spreading the word about how great this add-on is! Thanks!
    Thank you, Kathy!
  • pretty OK. resizing window doesn't scale previews, but this CL add-on seem better than the other two.
    If you hover the same image again after resize the window, the image will be scaled properly. I will add code so users don't have to hover the image again in the next release.
  • I think it's great, best one since ziink, especially since that one is no longer compatible since firefox 4. one question tho; How do I change what E-mail account that is used when i click E-mail? Not in preferences. Please help, would make my experience that much better with add on. Thanks!
    Email is used with Google mail. Basically, when you logged into Google mail, then it will allow you to send using that account. If you did not login, it will ask you to login, and then show you an editor to send the email. For auto-send, you also need to login to Google mail for it to work. So to use a different account, you need to logout, and log back into Google mail with that account.
  • I seem to encounter this error occasionally - when I try a simple search with the default parameters it happens consistently. Otherwise great addon! Using 3.6.15
    Would you please disable other plugins and see if this still happens? How about check if you have the latest version of Craigslist Fusion? There is also a GreaseMonkey scrit for Craigslist Fusion that you can try. Thanks.
  • The post window is too small unable to adjust horizontally to read entire post. There also should be a way to hide images. Nobody wants to see perverted nasty images.
    Please look at it again. Use the mouse to drag the window's edge to make it bigger. You can also drag it around. Click on 60% to get it to be about 40% of the width. Click on the close button or use the preference to hide images. Click on images to show it up again.
  • I am as impressed by the well thought out time saving features as I am the intuitive customizable options offered. Within minutes I couldn't imagine searching Craigslist without this add on. Thank you for taking great care to develop such a great tool.
    great, thanks.
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