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  • Easy to install and config the whitelist (useful if you want to apply this plugin just to some domains)
  • This is the best plugging for http request.
  • Very useful
  • Does not work on Windows FireFox version 59.
  • TKS ads
  • I needed to test a web page on a local web dev environment, and of course CORS isn't allowed in firefox, so this extension solved it. many thanks to the creator. much obliged.
  • does not work on mac osx with firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit)
  • It doesn't seem to work on Firefox 59.... I opened an issue on Github:

  • Does what it says and is a great help developing / working with CORS sensible APIs.
  • very good !
  • Ich hatte es schon vor einiger Zeit getestet und es hatte nicht funktioniert. Jetzt hat es doch funktioniert und Firefox hat eine Anfrage an eine fremde Seite nicht blockiert. Ich hatte mich schon über die Bevormundung von Firefox geärgert.
  • working great thanks
  • This addon solves the CORS problem...well, so far;
    Compare to Chrome, this is the first time I make CORS work with the first try!
    Thanks a lot!
  • Solve CORS problems on my firefox browser.
  • Good us.
  • It doesn't seem to work for me.

    Developer response

    I can't fix something so vague.

  • Thanks. It works in my environment: mac os 10.9.5 + firefox 52.0.2 + CORS EVERYTHERE add-on ver 20150910-1410
  • Worked like a charm first time. Concise documentation. Simple job, but done very well. thank you
  • Ready to operate in a few seconds. Just have to add it in the toolbar after downloading. Really usefull.
  • I had a trouble with cors all day and finally it worked. Thanks for this helpful add-on.
  • As a web developer, this add-on is a life (and hair) saver for when you don't have access to the server. Works as intended.
  • Hi it's works really great. Thank you

    I just have one plea, please could explain or paste links, how to create CROS request. I couldn't find any SIMPLE references, because I have error("Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at http://www ... html. (Reason: CORS header 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' missing).").

    They all just telling to add header "Access-Control-Allow-Origin", but how and where. Thanks for advance.

    I already read the most Google links, including on html5rocks (where example throws the same error). But it does not work for me.

    P.S. By using you addon it works
  • Hi, that works great!

    Could you clarify how to set it enabled by default?

    Where do i set `extensions.spenibus_corsEverywhere` enableAtStartup?


    Developer response

    See this about the preferences: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Editing_configuration
  • It does not seem to work on Mac - 45.0.2 release.
  • Установил этот плагин и ни какой реакции, кнопка CORS не появляется в браузере.
    При попытке сделать кроссдоменный запрос, консоль выдает следующие :

    Запрос из постороннего источника заблокирован: Политика одного источника запрещает чтение удаленного ресурса на http://localhost:8080/opt/in?&1450674147940. (Причина: отсутствует заголовок CORS 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin').


    С бубеном ходил вокруг компа в разные стороны, не помогло.

    Developer response

    Based on a rough Google translation, I can only point out that the button is not automatically added to the interface and must be placed manually by right clicking a toolbar and selecting "customise".

    Without the button, the addon can not be enabled and obviously won't work.
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