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  • Does not block anymore! It used to work, was there a bad update?
    But well rated because it used to do the job perfectly, hope it'll come back soon!
    No changes recently. But many things can go wrong so best to open an issue so the source of the problem can be found:
  • It just doesn't work, FF still blocks request even with wildcard CORS header.
  • what's the difference between 'Force value of "access-control-allow-origin" ' option and 'Activation whitelist' option? I don't understand, i think both are the same, right.
    The first option forces the value of the "origin" request header which will also become the value of the "access-control-allow-origin" response header. It's useless for most people and only there for testing purposes.

    The whitelist defines which values of "origin" are allowed to bypass CORS when the addon is active. It's a list of fully qualified regular expressions, with delimiters and flags, separated by newlines.
    See also this: https://github.com/spenibus/cors-everywhere-firefox-addon/issues/23#issuecomment-447669576
  • Very useful, works as advertised.
    The whitelist is not so easy to use (you don't just add bare URLs, you have to include slashes and regex flags, and the UI help is inadequate). But five stars anyway.
  • It's a great help and works fine with Firefox under Windows, but it seems not to work with Firefox under Android. The CorsE-Button is not shown, and although it is set to "Enabled at startup" in the Options-Menue, no data are received. Is there anything I can do?
    Android is 4.4.2, Firefox is 62.0.3, CorsE is
    I think the Android tag got added when I switched to WebExtensions, the truth being that this is completely untested. So until I decide to take a good look at it, there is presumably nothing you can do on your end.
    You can keep track of the issue here: https://github.com/spenibus/cors-everywhere-firefox-addon/issues/15
    This is obviously not getting resolved very fast, although there is no need to remind me every six months.
  • Easy to install and config the whitelist (useful if you want to apply this plugin just to some domains)
  • This is the best plugging for http request.
  • Very useful
  • Does not work on Windows FireFox version 59.
  • TKS ads
  • I needed to test a web page on a local web dev environment, and of course CORS isn't allowed in firefox, so this extension solved it. many thanks to the creator. much obliged.
  • does not work on mac osx with firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit)
  • It doesn't seem to work on Firefox 59.... I opened an issue on Github:

  • Does what it says and is a great help developing / working with CORS sensible APIs.
  • very good !
  • Ich hatte es schon vor einiger Zeit getestet und es hatte nicht funktioniert. Jetzt hat es doch funktioniert und Firefox hat eine Anfrage an eine fremde Seite nicht blockiert. Ich hatte mich schon über die Bevormundung von Firefox geärgert.
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