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  • Works perfectly. Would be great to be able to do this per-tab instead of for the browser entirely, but does what it says it does.
    It's a limitation of the browser. At least it was at the time of development but I don't think it has changed.
  • Does not work on FF on osx Catalina
  • It does the job and does it very well and simple. But in my opinion lacks some features. I would like to have an option to enable CorsE only on specific domains/websites. This way if I turn on CorsE and start navigating other websites, I'm sure other websites can't mis-use my CorsE being on.
    It's on the unofficial todo list but I'm a little busy.
  • It used to be works for me at least in April — June '19. But seems not working now (2019-10) with Firefox 69.0.3. Am I alone with such symptoms?
  • good
  • Is not working.
  • The add-on work perfectly. Thank you.
  • I have tried CORS Everywhere this morning and it works perfect!. The user has to enable the pluggin prior to check the functionality
  • Simple and good addon for quick web development. Thanks
  • This app is Needs Update for Firefox Version 57.
    As much as I dislike the way XUL has been phased out, it's unlikely I will maintain a separate legacy version.
  • Does not block anymore! It used to work, was there a bad update?
    But well rated because it used to do the job perfectly, hope it'll come back soon!
    No changes recently. But many things can go wrong so best to open an issue so the source of the problem can be found: