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  • This is really a very useful and great addon.

    But one option is missing.

    It happens all the time to me, when replying to a message stored in archive folder, that I use an unwanted Identity

    So it would be great if it was also possible to choose in the Options for "none" / "empty" or alike as choice for "When Composing a new message"

    That way, while composing the mail, selecting an identity manually becomes mandatory.
  • When clicking on a mailto:-link like


    in Firefox (Linux/KDE) the identities signature is inserted twice with the body text between them.
  • Awesome, one of the most essential Thunderbird addins ever, but unfortunately it doesn't work (or get marked as unsupported) in current beta builds. :(
  • I really, really want/need this plugin. Easily 5-star useful. But it no longer works with the current beta. In fact, it *seems* to prevent TB from even displaying at all, on start. I have to disable it entirely to use TB. Any chance an updated version is being worked on?
  • This add-on does exactly what I need. It automatically changes which identity the email is being set from based on email patterns. I don't know what I'd do without it. I do have a quick question. I don't see an easy way to configure the add-on outside of the Add-ons Manager. Is there a menu option somewhere that you can access the preferences from? If not, adding one would make it even easier to use.
  • First of all: this addon has saved me many, many times

    I do however have one issue with it. I'd like to make exceptions to rules (for example: use email address A for all addresses in the gmail.com domain but hse email address B for jc.vlerkstra@gmail.com ; the latter seems to be ignored). Still well worth five stars.
  • I have used this a long time with more than 5 identities. It works fine, all the years. With several identities it is almost a MUST. The pre-selection of the identity with certain email addresses or even with domains is very helpful.
  • I have rated as 5-stars because as far as I know, this just-installed add-on does what it says it will.

    BUT, unfortunately, it does not do what I wish it did and why I got it. I wish it had a set-able preference that would allow me to set it to force a identity selection dialog to display.

    I know that a forced selection dialog would annoy some people, but I really need it due to my own forgetfulness of which account I am in and which identity I want the newly created email sent from -- which varies from message to message and is not just based on which account I am currently focused in.

    I will continue to try to use this for the features it does have, but I hope the developer will consider adding a set-able preference to force the display of a identity selection dialog.

    The presence of such an optional feature should not get in the way of anybody that does not want to use such.

    Thanks for all your hard work.
  • Great addon.
    There is a small issue with TB 52.2. If the correct identify is well selected, 2 signatures are present, the one from the default identity and the one from the selected one.
    I do not know if the issue is from TB ou this addon.
  • I have been using this add-in for years without any glitch and with the irreplaceable relief of not having to check whether I am writing from a wrong address that recipients are not even meant to learn.

    Great job!

    Unfortunately, it seems that with recent releases of Thunderbird the functionality of the add-on is broken. What happens is that:
    - when composing new e-mails, the correct identity is picked according to the currently selected account;
    - when replying to e-mails, in some cases the expected identity is chosen, whereas in others it is not. This behavior is consistently reproducible and apparently is due to the identity configured for composing new messages that is overriding the one automatically detected when replying. In particular, as soon as the Reply mail window is opened it contains the expected From address. However, immediately afterwards, this address is changed to the one used to compose new e-mails for the account to which the mail was addressed.

    For example, suppose I am replying to an e-mail received on account A and addressed to my e-mail M, and assume that new e-mails composed for account M are configured to be sent from address B instead. When I click Reply, I briefly see address M in the From field of the opened window (correct), however it is turned to B shortly afterwards.

    "Allow this identity to be detected" is enabled for all my e-mail addresses. The very same configuration has been working for a long time before a recent update of Thunderbird (I am not able to precisely tell which one).
    I am using TB 52.2.0 (32 bit) here, but this also happened with 52.1.0. Disabling all the other add-ons does not help.
  • This is a great addon which used to be very useful. Unfortunately, as @SantiagoSantee has found, this addon no longer works for me since the TB 52 update.

    I've tried disabling all other plugins, and re-installing this plugin, however that makes no difference. The addon looks ok and can be configured, however does not auto change the sender when the recipient changes. I'm using Linux (Fedora 25).
  • This addon is a vital part of my extension-list, I probably wouldn't use Thunderbird if it didn't exist. 5 stars without hesitation.

    Edit: I previously reported that it wouldn't work with TB 52. With TB 52.1 it works again for me. (I don't know the reason, don't think the patch-level-release of TB actually fixed that, but I'm happy about the vanished problem and won't spend more time on it.)
    Hi, thanks for your comment. I just verified the addon is working correctly in my TB 52 on Windows 7. Can you please restart with all addons disabled except Correct Identity and then verify it is working ok? And then enabling other addons one by one. Probably one of the others is interfering, let me know which one. Or otherwise let me know your OS. Greetings Dennis
  • I'm using a catch all address and some mailing lists are even forwarded before getting to that box.

    This plugin works great for the normal 'reply' action. But it would really help me if it also worked for the 'Reply to list' option.
  • Works perfectly and repairs the annoying identity bug of Thunderbird’s reply-dialogue silently and unobtrusively.
  • Works perfectly but not with the "Reply List" Button when replying to mailing lists. Can you please implement this button too?
  • With eight accounts, it was really annoying to have my "From" address changed in a reply and maybe a different one in a "Forward" Can't tell how many times I deleted and reinstalled accounts trying to change the behavior. This solved my frustration.
  • Version 1.4.5 has removed the greyed-out send button bug and works correctly now. Everything is therefore back to normal. Thank you.
  • If one is experiencing the greyed out Send button with 1.4.4 (I am), one can download the old 1.4.3 version and then disable automatic updates. 1.4.3 is available from:
  • Hi all, I have the same issue with Send button.

    I've found out, that the Send button is re-enabled when there is a change in Reply-to: line.

    So if you add manually "Reply to" OR !swich! to identity with "Reply to" filled, the problem is gone.
    Default "Reply to" set in Accont properties is not enough - there must be a change in that field.

    Hope for a quick fix! This addon is quite addictive.

  • ... If you're using enigmail since drafts are saved encrypted and before you can reopen a draft to send it you have to enter the passphrase.

    The other workaround with choosing alternate identity doesn't work at all for me.

    This is the best and only addon if you centralize multiple email accounts under Thunderbird. I don't use many and this one is a must. It would be great to get it fixed for 38.0.1 (and beyond).
  • With TB 38.01 and Correct Identity 1.4.4. I have the Send button greyed out issue.

    I I save a draft and edit the Send button comes back.

    Also If I add a CC to address Send button is also then available.

    This is an issue that needs to be fixed.

  • Hi,

    whenever the send button is greyed out, just save your message. If you load it again from drafts, the send button is working.

    To the author:
    There is no other addon which for email responding reliably automatically chooses the "correct identity" the email was sent to. So pleeeeaaaase, please, please fix it.

    Best Regards,
  • I also have this issue with 1.4.4.
    downgrading to 1.4.3 seemed to lose my options.
    Luckily going back to 1.4.4 restored them.

    I have found a workaround to using 1.4.4
    if you get a greyed out send button
    select an alternative identity
    the send button will become active
    going back to default identity will not cause greying

  • Since the new version, the "send" button is grayed out on new messages and the add-on does not work. Disabling the add-on fixes the "send" button. I do have an address in the "to" field.
  • Same problem as the posters before me: Send button is greyed out; problem is solved by disabling Correct Identity add-on. Please fix this. Tnx!