9 reviews for this add-on
  • Simply does not work.

  • Thank you for your work. I think it would be very good if you'll add a sound when the link is copied, cause sometimes it doesn't (because of my fault i suppose) so the sound could notify about successful coping!

  • does not work. tried all keyboard combinations (of course also ctrl-shift as mentioned in the text), no luck.

  • Very useful 'Copy Link Location' shortcut, I copy paste links into a new tab manually alot and it makes doing that so much simpler. Also chose to install 0.0.4 and IT WORKS. Thankyou.

  • does what it says. I prefer 0.0.4 version, only control + mouseover. lazy atm to explain what I need it for, but had to stop by and say thanks. :P

  • It's nice but I had to add a lot of work to it for it to work how I wanted it and also the options to change to a delay instead of a key.

    But the base idea is nice so thank you :)

  • Doesn't work.

  • not working for me

  • Good idea, but please add the possibility that Ctrl or Alt or Shift (or together) must be pushed on mouse over for catching the url.