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  • Really very nice. Moving computers I just found out that most url shorteners won't work in Quantum. One thing, goo.gl never works, throwing up an error.

    Yes I did paste an api, still throws up an error.
    Thank you! I'll double check what happened to google's shortener. Did you put in an API key?
  • Too bad it does not work on the Android app.
    Pena não funcionar no app para Android.
  • Useful addon, but it doesn't copy any more the url in the clipboard... (FF.61b4)

    @Allen : http://tinyurl.com/ydywrd2v
  • Great add-on. I love the simplicity of it. It's got some legs now that it's one of the few that works well with Quantum. A little polish here and there and a few feature adds (e.g. custom keyboard shortcut, ability to disable/change notifications in options vs about:config) and this could become the de facto shortener for Firefox.
    Thank you for the kind review! Good suggestions (I'll track some of them here https://github.com/fwenzel/copy-shorturl/issues ). I do not understand what you mean by about:config, all available options exist in the add-on preferences.
  • How to use the short URL of the native website?
    For example, when I go to youtube or flickr, right-click on a video or photo URL and select "Copy ShortURL", it always uses the is.gd short URL service but does not automatically use the short URL of you.be or flic.kr.
    I'll have to double-check why these websites stopped working. youtube removed the feature (https://github.com/fwenzel/copy-shorturl/issues/85) it is possible flickr did the same! Sorry about that.
  • Love the app. Would like capability to customize the keyboard shortcut.
    Sounds good, I'll have to look up if this is possible!
  • thank you for making it compatible with quantum!
    i rate it 3 stars since it is missing the ability to assign a a keyboard shortcut rather than looking for buttons and get the hands off from the keyboard and onto the mouse.

    i used to work with shortly url shortner[1], but it incompatible with quantum.
    it used to let you choose the url shortner service (bit.ly, goo.gl, etc.) and once you assign a keyboard shortcut, when using the shortcut it automatically shorten the url and copies it to the clipboard.

    if you had such functionality, it will be a bliss.
    i wish other could up vote it (i will try to post the same over the github page if such exist)

    [1] https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/shortly-url-shortener/
    There is a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L, try it! (or CMD on Mac)
  • Why it send an error message on the proper page of "Copy ShortURL"?
    Can you file an Issue here? https://github.com/fwenzel/copy-shorturl/issues -- to answer your question, because Firefox will not let me run the add-on code inside addons.mozilla.org as a security measure. The error message says literally that.
  • Works perfectly on Firefox Quantum 57.0 (MacBook Pro)
    Thank you for the great work.
    Thank you for the kind words! I hope you enjoy!
  • Regarding the bit.ly documentation it was a bit of a struggle to get the appropriate OAuth token generated. Bit.ly service can also use OAuth Webflow token. This addon requires the simpler OAuth token and it has to be used in the extension's Custom URL pulldown option rather than Bit.ly option.

    I was using a now deprecated URL shortener which had an option that would also capture the Title of the page and insert that into the clipboard. I found this useful when pasting the information into email or on Twitter. This way one could see what the URL is for and saves having to type that information in.
    Why are you not using the bitly option? There's a link to where you can generate the API key and it works just fine for me. It looks like you made it harder for yourself than necessary?

    If you have a bug to report, please go to github and file an issue there and I am happy to help.
  • This is probably the best URL shortener i'I've come across for FF, and it works with FF 57! One thing though: I'd like to disable notifications as they're distracting and a bit unnecessary. I saw that an issue on the github was opened for this, but was then closed. Any chance the option to disable notifications can be added as a checkbox in the preferences?
    I am just about to release a new version that will have this feature. Hurrah!
  • never failed. i.gd is not always able to shorten what i send there. bitly.com is imho best, but needs registering with email and Copy ShortURL needs a token. not so easy...
    i also would like a shorter notification.
    thanx for replying and evolving the addon. simply getting the short url into the clipboard is still not functioning. any idea why? it worked before i fuzzeled with bit.ly.
    I filed an issue to add bitly support, which should be doable:

    Notifications can be disabled in the next version of the add-on:

    I do not think I can control the duration of the notification.
  • Now that Shortly is not compatible with e20s and is not (yet?) a WebExtension, I looked for a URL shortener that could fit those needs. And I found Copy ShortURL.
    Well... It's a great extension: it just does what's supposed to do.
    I just wish I could disable the notifications. (Maybe in the next version...)
    Thank you for your feedback! Glad you like the extension. I didn't know the notifications were annoying, but you're not the first person to ask. I filed this Issue: https://github.com/fwenzel/copy-shorturl/issues/70
  • Very nice app. Would be nice if I could disable the pop-up or set a pop-up time though. Maybe an option for the future?
    Thank you for your review! I filed an Issue for it: https://github.com/fwenzel/copy-shorturl/issues/70

    Feel free to comment there.
  • Wish I found out about this addon before developing my own to replace the one I used to use (non-webextensions)

    great work with this!
    Thank you for your kind words!
  • I have thoroughly benefited from using this addon to share links. However I've had to disable it because it is not compatible with multiprocess Firefox.

    Notably it is also legacy and will be disallowed by the end of the year. I do hope the author will update it to be a webextension.
    Meanwhile, I released a completely new version which is a webextension and works great with the newest version of Firefox!
  • wow excellent best one url shortener + u can choose the shortening service
  • Very solid. Does what its supposed to, the context menu option streamlines everything, and the extra parameter removal is fantastic. One thing Ive noticed though - the option to set goo.gl as the default shortener hasn't worked for a while, which hasn't been a problem since I don't use it myself but Im sure theres people who'd like to.
    Thank you for the positive review and for pointing out trouble with the goo.gl shortener! I filed an Issue on the github and will look into it!
  • This is great! But i really think it needs a prettier icon!! please! A pretty icon can also brings you more users. This icon in right click panel looks fine, but in toolbar it's vague.
    Haha, thank you for the review! I will look into finding a prettier icon for a future release :) Suggestions are, of course, welcome.
  • Does what it should do. No additional buttons, menus etc. Great!
  • Good work.
    The new bit.ly URL is: https://api-ssl.bitly.com/v3/shorten?format=txt&login=xxxxx&apiKey=xxxxx&longUrl=%URL%
    Thank you for your review! I'll update the URL in the documentation! It's Issue #41 on github!
  • When I need short URL, I just right-click on the page.
  • Great addon! It'll be useful but doesnt do the thing I went searching for such an add on - I want to right click *on a link* and see "Copy Shortened Link Location".I love how it will use the "canonical" short url if available.
  • The add-on is very good, almost perfect, but, as I saw in another review, a preferences button would be nice, or a button in the toolbar, so you could just click it and to make the shortUrl... and one other issue (I assume that it is only for me) the add-on was working perfectly until a couple a days ago. The option with the right click, isn't available when I try to copy a short url of a picture. When I reinstall the add-on, the option is available again, but if I close the firefox, the issue continues. Could you tell me why is that ? Thanks in advance, dnisko
  • missing custom makers of shortcuts, eg. goo.gl
    That's not true: You can specify your URL shortener by editing an about:config value: http://copy-shorturl.readthedocs.org/en/latest/serviceurl.html

    Until very recently, Mozilla's add-ons SDK did not contain any way to make a preferences page for your add-on so that was an issue. I should be able to make editing the custom URL shorteners easier soon.
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