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  • Can not remember how many years our company has been using this add-on but always works without fail and is so simple.... many, many thanks for the add-on
  • Great Add-on!

    One simple problem. I can't figure out how to set the default for the "Copy message to" setting. It always goes to "Sent on .... IMAP". The pull down menu has other options --- "No copy" is next. That's the one I use the most. I would like to reverse the sequence (ie the default for the menu).
    In Options there is a last line "Send (no copy) / Send (to Sent). This seems like the place to toggle the default menu setting. It has a "D". I can't find anything in the docs on this. If I try other letters, nothing changes.
    Am I close?
    The sequence for the drop-down menu (current folder, sent folder, no copy) is fixed and can't be changed. But you can use entries from the 'file'-menu and the associated shortcuts or use buttons which you could move to the toolbar.
  • I solved my issue thanks to your suggestion. But as i keep using the add-on i find a few bugs i'd like to report. But i don t know where and i bet the reviews are not the right place for it.
  • Add-on installed, TB restarted, press the "Write" button and don't see interface. Would be exactly what I want if it worked.
    You have to enable the add-on in the "copies and folder" settings for every account where you want to use it
  • Either does nothing, or freezes after copy.
  • Quickfolders it is a fantastic add on. I use the standard version for years. Sad that the pro version only address one email account.
    This is not the quickfolders add-on!
  • I have been using this for more than a year and is one of the most productive add-ons on Thunderbird that I have used.

    This add-on seems to creating an issue that can be easily fixed. While replying to emails, Thunderbird creates links to images embedded in the original file. While sending these images are attached from the links and sent. The Add-on provides a link to Move the Original message while sending. The Add-on first moves the Original Message and then sends the reply. This invalidates all the links to images in the reply that point to the original mail. Thunderbird tries to attach these images and hangs with the message "Attaching image...". If the sequence is reversed by first sending the email and then moving the original message, this issue will not happen. Hope this can be easily fixed.
  • As others have said, essential if you file original messages and their replies together.

    As suggested elsewhere (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/thunderbird/addon/copy-sent-to-current/reviews/782689/) I'd love to see a folder search tool instead of paging through folder trees.
  • After plugin update, Thunderbird 10.0.1 can't create new message window, an error is shown.
    Please contact me via email
  • I have used Copy Sent to Current 1.1.2 for many many months and find it invaluable. I do agree with another poster that selecting the destination folder by typing a few characters (I use Nostalgy to file emails) would be great.

    Anyhow, I upgraded to TB45 this morning and can no longer select the destination folder in the list with the Down arrow. As soon as I press Down, it sends the email and places it in the Sent folder, not where I wanted it. Does Copy Sent to Current need an upgrade for TB45?
  • Even though the add-on works (allowing me to select the storage folder) when I create a new mail, it does not work when I reply to an e-mail.
    This breaks the functionality, at least to me.

    Since I cannot find a bug report page, I place this review here.
  • This plugin is a must-have for a lawyer like me. I have several hundred of subfolder (one for each case) and this allows me to sort every message quickly.

    The only thing that I would like to see improved is the way to search for a subfolder. I use another plugin called QUICK FOLDER MOVE which allow to search for a subfolder by typing only the first characters. It would be great to see such feature in COPY SENT TO CURRENT
  • This is exactly what I was looking for!
    My "sent" folder was getting so bloated with inane sent messages like "Thanks, see you at 6" that I don't need to keep. I was getting tired of wasting time trawling through my sent folder to delete unimportant messages every few weeks This add-on enabled me to set "sent" folder as default and "No copy" as implying "copy to trash" in my account setting. Now when I hit "send" on a message, the drop down asks me if I want to copy the sent message to "sent" folder or "no copy" (trash). Now my sent folder only contains messages that I need to keep for reference.

  • With all my folders, especially for personal contacts, I would find it very difficult to do WITHOUT this extension!

    However, another extension would be EQUALLY helpful:

    When pointed at (or when "in") a folder, "Write" would fill the "To" automatically, based on the Message Filter pointing to the folder!
  • Years of working very well.
    Unfortunately ... after the update thunderbird somehow most of the emails moved to sent folder and not be kept in the folder in which the email is sent.
    Get there who can help?
  • 同一人物が作成した「Show InOut」の Review を遅ればせながらアップした際に、このアイテムに気が付きました。

    (解説者の指摘にあるように)Thunderbird の利用時に、実際に手動で移動をさせていた行為であり、それを自動化させられる待望の機能です。

  • Hello and thank you for this very useful addon.

    Currently, however, the addon is useless with a Gmail IMAP account.

    Indeed, as explained by a Google engineer in this post
    the Google IMAP engine:

    1/ ALWAYS copies sent mail to the [Gmail]/Sent IMAP folder, whatever the settings in the email client.

    2/ keeps a SINGLE copy of each email (even it is "copied" to other folders), with the following result: if you copy a sent email to some target folder, and further delete this email from the [Gmail]/Sent folder and empty the trash, then this email will ALSO be deleted from the target folder!

    Thus the only way out seems to MOVE the email from the [Gmail]/Sent folder to the target folder, AFTER it has been sent.

    Any chance you implement this in a near future?

    Thanks in advance
  • Nothing to say.
    It works fine.
    It's great !!
  • Incredibly useful.
  • It is very useful in order to avoid storing useless emails sent however, when you use a shared smtp server for several accounts, if you choose a folder to store an email to be sent it makes two copies: one copy to the folder chosen and other for the folder associated to the shared smtp server configuration. Any idea how to avoid it?

  • This is a wonderful Add-on. I would be lost without it!

    One recommendation: provide a CANCEL or STOP! options on the popup dialog that asks where to store the output. Since the email has not gone out at that point, it would be nice to be able to stop the process there. I would use this feature most often when I realize I don't have an appropriate folder to store the messages. The need is to create an output folder and the resend. Now I have to either "send and try to cancel before it goes out", or store the orig and outbound messages in some staging folder and then move them after I create the necessary folder.
    Unfortunately its not possible to implement a cancel option. Just select some folder. Afterwards the standard sent-popup appears where its possible to cancel the mail.
  • Hello Guenter,
    this is great addon for me. Thank you very much for your work.

    I have one big wish. Could you please add option "Mark original message as read" ... because now I forget mark as read emails a lot of time ... and than I have to looking for the folder tree and manually change read status of original email.

    What do you think about this feature? Thank you for your consideration about this small/great option..


  • Sehr nützliches AddOn. Beim Ordnerauswahldialog vor dem Senden fehlt jedoch noch ein Tastenkürzel, mit dem man die Auswahl abbrechen kann und zurück zur Nachricht gelangt.
  • Great addon, but I have one suggestion:

    What about put an option in the 'Account Settings' in the section 'Copies & Folders' in 'select on send' called 'default is the Last Used'. Selecting this option will make a copy in the last folder where a copy of Sent mail was made.
  • My rating would go from 3 - 5 if it worked with Gmail. When it was only accessing our imap accounts, it worked great. It does not override your copies settings so you have to make sure they are set up to work in conjunction with the add-on.

    Unfortunately, our company is moving to gmail and it does not seem to work with the labels to folders and the fact that everything is really in all mail. I have tried several different settings and none of them seem to work.