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  • Basic functionality works well. It copies text that you select.
    The problem with this (and every other auto-copy webextension I've found) is recognizing which fields *not* to copy from. For example, this extension doesn't copy from basic text fields, which is good. But it does copy from Gmail's compose field, which is bad.
    A simple mitigation for this would be a user-manageable site blacklist. Alas, this extension does not have that, or any options at all.
    My search for an auto-copy extension that really works right must continue ...
  • Be AWARE, this is SPAM addon!
  • Great thing but no function with FF 60.0.2. I loved this addon always before.
    I also use ScrollAnywhere with right mouse button. Perhaps it is not compatible?
  • Doesn't work on sites that have content inside frames :(
  • Does not work with FF 60.
  • С этим аддоном криво работают гугл-таблицы (не работает копипаст), не работает контекстное меню.
    Отключил, ищу замену.
  • gd
  • It does what it says on the tin.
  • 5 STARS!!!!

    This is the only autocopy addon I've tried that will copy text, and let you highlight another word so you can replace it with the first copied word.

    Brilliantly done, and minimally designed. Thank You!
  • just like what i need
  • It does its job with out problems.
  • frequently doesn't work.
  • Loved this add-on since forever, but it's not working now after FF update.
  • hello,
    i use win10 build 1709, FF 57.0.2.
    Restarted FF after installation.
    Unfortunately, the program does not copy anything to the clipboard.
    What can I do?
    nice greetings
  • Works perfect in FF57 and saves a lot of time.

    I like that it won't copy automatically from highlighted text within forms, That would sort of defeat the purpose of copying text from a webpage to paste into a form if the clipboard was overwritten when you highlighted the old text in the form.

    Overall, a great add-on. thanks to the developer.
    Angeldur, Thank You,
  • nothing happen
  • Great! it works immediately after you installed.thank you
  • it doesn't appear to work. the current clipboard item is NOT replace with the newly selected item.
    ff = 57
    CoS = 1.0
  • was ich schon immer gebarucht habe
  • Perfect
  • Works on FF57! It does not work on the firefox addons page, so make sure to test it on a different page first.
  • please add Paste option on middle click
  • I have used several autocopy addons in the past, as well as the about:config clipboard.autocopy.true route...but now none of them work including this one. I have spent a long time searching the ff addon site, and installing/removing autocopy addons, because none of them seem to work with this version of firefox!
  • its ok, but the i really MUST to have the feature to deselect text after copying. Paste with middle click is good to have as well.