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  • Its very pleasure to work with this account..
  • Why in the world did Firefox break compatibilty with existing addons? I get an error that it is not compatible with Firefox Quantum. This addon and many others were extremely useful. Very bad!
  • I give it a five because it does what I need.

    There are two things that would be great to have added to it:

    1. Automatically remove duplicated links before copying string to the clipboard;
    2. The ability to add the location where the link(s) was copied from.

    Those would be nice but as it is right now, it works eons better than Firefox's built in functionality. Five stars is my rating and I'm sticking to it!
  • Just what i needed, Can you please make it compatible with new version of Fire Fox. Thanks
  • This is a great add-on EXCEPT it is not compatible with the new Firefox Quantum :-(
  • Please update this wonderful script for the new firefox system :(
  • Please update for compatibility 55ff
  • Does not work with the latest versions of Firefox x86 - x64
  • La utilizo practicamente desde que lanzaste el complemento y ahora la marca como incompatible con las nuevas versiones de Firefox, no quiero migrar a otra ya que esta es la mejor :D
  • I don't use it very much but it still works and I need it sometimes. Thanks.
  • Can you do a unique test at the end?
    In which, I don't want to copy a link twice!
  • Please update
  • Wow this is fantastic, please update for restartless, and option to not have the submenu, i just use the "copy selected links" feature. Also is it possible you can modify the URL bar so if i "paste & go" when i have multiple links on clipboard it will open them all (the first in current tab, and consequent ones in new tabs)?

    Are you still supporting this addon or are you accepting collaborators, I would love to join your team and make this restartless and add the support pasting multi url to url bar on "paste & go"
  • Absolutely great! I can harvest multiple links in a text into freemind (a mind map program) in one go. They are neatly ordered and described in clickable branches in the mind map.
  • This addon is awesome
  • Very useful for me..Great Work..!!
  • You have no idea how much time you just saved me. Good AddOn Thanks!
  • Great plug in! Such an amazing time saver! Thank you.
  • Works like need it. Thank you!
  • Does what it says. no added junk.
  • great!
  • It just does it! Simply!
  • Could you update your plugin to FireFox ver 11.0

  • Intuitively named, simply and accurately described, easy to install, and easy to use. This add-on does exactly what it says it does, and what it does has saved me hours in the few weeks since I've been using it. Thanks for making it.