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  • i am not able to use this..your browser says that this add is not compatible for your version... and i am using this firefox in ubuntu and so that i am not able to update and experiencing anger over the name firefox
  • sukses selalu
  • Very fine software. I have no words to write a review.
  • Bonjour
    Ne fonctionne plus avec Firefox 45. S'il vous plait, fixez.
  • Does not work properly with Firefox 35
  • Awesome addon! Works great with multiple links (Firefox 34) and should have been what the default "Copy Link Location" do. Thanks for making this addon. :)
  • Updating to Firefox 33.1.1 has automatically "disabled" Copy Link URL 1.5. (It worked OK with Firefox 33.1.)

    Please update this important Firefox Add-on, so it works with the latest Firefox 33.1.1+ versions. Thank you.
  • Great plugin for Mozilla!
  • I'd suggest you to add a simple filter ( in right click menu ) that could manage KEYWORDS filtering options. The way i can set to copy only links that contain the word "download=ID" from selection or from the entire page. Then please, add also a option to copy ALL TABS LINKS from tabs opened on the RIGHT\LEFT from active. This would be a great improvement. Thanks
  • Essentially useful
  • Yes love it, especially for download links copy. Shortcut would be great.
  • I am just missing a button for it. Since I don't like to right click.

    Vlad's tip below is excellent!
    keyconfig, gCopyLinkURL.OnCommand('sel');
    Is there a way to first run select all, then run the copy all links command and then deselect?
  • Great Add-On, one of my faves.
  • If you need a shortcut, install the keyconfig extension, then:

    1) Click the Add New Key button

    2) Add the following to the code window:
    3) Click the OK button to close (possibly giving the hotkey a memorable name)
    4) Assign a hotkey and click the Apply button and then Close.
  • Please add some other languages support
  • Thx.
  • Use this add-on all the time and no problem. Good work
  • Hi, this addon really helpfull for me. Can you add shortcut to do this, like Shift+C or Ctrl+Shift+C as you wish.
  • Nifty little thing, cannot use Firefox without it!!
  • it is very cool application .All user must have this type of app.
    really good one :)
  • A must have, but could you add some keyboard shortcut, maybe shift+c, it takes time to select in the right click menu. Thanks.
  • Nice .
  • so great, tk!
  • Si quieres copiar simultáneamente muchos enlaces al portapapeles para que los capture Jdownloader, ésta -y sólo ésta- es la extensión que necesitas.
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