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  • itsgood

  • Twitterのツイートのコピペに非常に助かっています。ただ、文字数が多いと途中で切れてしまう点が惜しいです。

  • Chromeでも同じextensionを使っています。

  • Works as expected

  • Please port your useful addon to Android.

  • I needed Title, URL and an empty line - EXACTLY like what this beautifully simple add-on does.

  • Nice pretty gd

  • very useful when a link needed to be shared!
    thank for making it

  • Copy and Paste are twins. So Ctrl+V to paste and go?

  • Good add-on but need some changes, I re-write this add-on (just with a little code from this one, and idea of course!!) to add option to create template for result.
    And by the way, thanks for idea.
    see My Copyfixer : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/255268/

  • Simple but great !

  • Yes, this addon is amazing and works like a charm, but there is room for improvement. I would like the same thing as other reviewers mentioned, to have option to include or NOT include Title. Also an option when nothing is selected, but my mouse is pointed to a link ( like rollover), to copy the link I'm pointing, not the page I have opened. This way I can copy and past links of pages really quick, without the need to open it and wait to load :) Can u do that. Thanks

  • I think this extension is fantastic. In the future may I suggest adding an ability to NOT include page title when copying, just the link, simple check mark in Options will do just fine.
    Thanks for simple yet useful tool.

  • really, really good!
    thank you for making this addon.

  • Very simple and effective add on. Thanks!

  • test...

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