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  • Perfect.

  • Seems it could be much faster if it would allow to select text and drag-drop.

  • nice idea and works as advertised

  • Works as advertised on 3.5.

  • thx good stuff!

  • It's okay but there is something better. Linkification: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/190 .

    It can automatically convert text links into real links, whose method is better than "Copy and Go".

  • it's the perfect add-on that I've been looking for :x

  • it's the perfect add-on that I've been looking for :x

  • I can surf without this addon, it is great.

  • i don't plan to be the party pooper but i know in ff3.0 you can grab any text to the tab bar and it will work together with awesomebar and open it (or search for it) immediately.

  • Text2Link add on only works inside firefox. If you have a link inside notepad, however, it won't do any good.

    Copy and Go, however, is quite useful for links that you copy out of other applications such as notepad, console, mails, etc.

    The only thing missing is a hotkey (CTRL+SHIFT+T e.g.) - this way you have to use your mouse which sometimes sucks.

  • I believe this addon is obsoleted by ones that turn any text that looks like an url into links.

  • Obsolete addon if you use 'Text Link' addon which is much more convenient as you just have to double click on the plain text and it will immediately read the URL from it and open in a new tab.

  • Really needed the functionality.
    Some reviewers have missed the point. This plugin isn't for hyperlinks, it for plain text links, and as far as those go, its excellent.

  • This fixes something that has been a major bugbear for me for a long time.
    A review here says there is no point, that person should understand that this plugin is for when the link you want to go to ISNT a hyperlink (plain text). And even with some of the linkification plugins installed, not all text links are picked up.

    Thanks, great plugin!

  • This extension's functionality is mostly achieved by selecting a link and clicking "open in new tab."

    A much better idea would be Opera's "paste and go" feature.

  • Best. Extension. Ever.

    Adds a wonderful functionality to firefox, and does it well. THANK YOU!

  • My first exposure to this feature was in Google Chrome and I loved it. Just yesterday I was telling a friend how I migrated to Firefox and how I enjoyed it, but I wish it had the Z"Copy and Go" feature that Chrome had. Don't know why I missed it the first go around while looking for extensions, but I did. It is a great extension and works as advertised. It saves a lot of time and most of all I appreciate it most for text urls. To the author, Great job !

  • Makes things so much easier. This sort of thing should be standard in Firefox!

  • just what firefox needed

  • helpfull

  • great script !!!