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  • PLEASE MAKE IT WORKS ON MOZILLA 16!!! I LOVE THIS ADDONS!!! (sorry for the caps)
  • I'd really like to see this add-on updated to work with Firefox 12 and later. It was a great companion to have ...
  • Please add a toolbar button.
    Left click: copies and pastes into new tab and you go to that new tab (new tab focus).
    Rightclick: toolbar button will copy and paste into new tab but not take you to that tab.(Not focus newtab)
    Middle click: copies and pastes into current tab. Thankyou
  • The version 1.5 working with ff4. It can be downloaded at developer's site in the review below. Or if you lazy to scroll, here it is http://netticat.ath.cx/MyAddons/MyAddons.htm#3rdpartyaddons
  • Is it possible to implement an option to disable the "URL validity check"? It would be great if we could chose.

    With FF4's "awesome bar" the validity check seems to be rendered useless.
  • @NettiCat, Please fix your extension it doesn't work with FireFox 3.6.16, using latest "Copy and Go (improved)-Version 1.5"

    "An unknown error occurred
    TypeError: params is null"
  • "An unknown error occurred
    TypeError: params is null"
  • ugh! it says it works with 3.6*, but it doesn't!!! had to roll back to a previous version of FF just for this...
  • please update this addon for 3.6
    as this moment, it doesnt work on 3.6
    i found this very essential, i cant go on to 3.6 if this addon doesnt work

    "An unknown error occurred
    TypeError: params is null"
  • Unfortunately, the ff3.6 version doesnt work even after it was updated. It installs but when I try to 'copy and go' it displays error
    "An unknown error occurred
    TypeError: params is null"
  • Great addon, I love it. I emailed the developer with a working version for Firefox 3.6, here's hoping he'll share it with everyone!
  • I updated the install package to work with Firefox 3.6, and I contacted the add-on creator to hopefully update this page. I love this add-on :)
  • oh, it was very cool add-on. I am great fun of it. Please update this asap.
  • Isn't it frustrating when you get a good extension there is no update available? ;-) pls update
  • Amazing tool that should be a standard feature in web browsers! PLEASE UPDATE THIS!

    Its just intuitive for the browser to know that if you copy an url its probably cause you wanna see it in a new tab!
  • One of my most used extensions... I'd love an update!
  • It's amazing how developers won't update their stuff for new FF builds. This one was the most handy. It doesn't even work with the Compatibility Reporter extension.
  • its not working with 3.6 please update !
  • Annoying as crap that Mozilla won't build this feature into FireFox and that we have to rely on flaky developers like this for updates (that, evidently, will never come).

    And yes, I know that one can drag the text to the tab bar (but it's awkward as hell) and no, other solutions here do NOT work for FF 3.6.

    Memo to FFox developers: How about gettin' off your fat asses and giving your suffering users the same functionality that your competitors give to theirs with this feature? It's damned useful and it can't be hard to do.

    End of rant
  • Is the Developer willing to update
    "Copy and Go" so that it works with
    Firefox 3.6
    the story just ends here?
  • I like this add on.Currently this add-on is not compatible with 3.6.Appreciate if the developer fixes it .
  • Not needed. Use add-on Text Link. Much better solution. Just double-click the text URL and it will automatically go to the URL.
  • You may find the Right-Click-Link extension more desirable for the described scenario, sans the customization options:
  • Perfect.
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