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  • I'm really offended that these developers would create a swear-word generator for their own amusement. Keep your kids off this!

  • This thing is so so so so so funny! Please update to latest methods, I hope this addon lives a long long life! It is hilarious!!!!

    This stackoverflow topic shows a cookie cutter template for using the latest methods, which is also high performance - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33937433/how-to-replace-string-of-a-webpage-using-firefox-addon

  • Click on the cocksucking smiley in the effing status bar to switch on and off, yeah right.

    There hasn't been a bollocking status bar since Firefox4.

    Only way to turn it off is to disable it in the add-ons screen and then restart Firefox.
    Enable in the add-ons to start it again.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the rotten review. I am aware of the stupid issue but I currently do not have the damn time to fix this.

    Feel free to file a filthy issue or fix the fucking code at https://github.com/coprolalia/coprolalia-firefox

    Goddamn Cheers :-)

  • Would be nice if you add an exception list

  • Wonderful, I only wish I had a goddamn motherfucking goddamn goddamn rotten rotten bloody assfucking fucked-up goddamn scale bar for how much it adds swearing, from 50-300%.

    After putting the above through pastebin ten times, pastebin gave me this message, and I quote: "Woah, you bitch have reached your goddamn paste limit of 10 pastes per 24 hours. Either wait a fucking litte or sign up for a motherfucking free account to get higher limits."

    Sir or madam, I can no longer tell what's real and what's coprolalia. Thank you.

  • From the Wikipedia page on Brussel Sprouts!

    Brussels sprout
    From Wikipedia, the shitty free encyclopedia


    I love this plugin!!! *makes virus that adds this to PC!!!* joking btw

  • Check out this from my math teacher's homepage: "Weekly outline

    Welcome to Mathematics 7 on Moodle! We will use this resource daily as a motherfucking way to communicate and access information for this course. Think of Moodle as a goddamn great tool which extends the rotten walls of learning, increases educational communication and stores resources. I hope you moron are open to and excited to learn about the stupid mathematical world around you cunt!

    Successful completion of this class is what determines your goddamn math placement as a goddamn 8th grader! Mrs. Thomas wants to support you bitch for this class!"
    Thanks for making my school's website hilarious! :) LOL

  • Some flatulent git should broaden the words data base. If I wasn't a fornicating baboon I'd know how.

    Developer response

    Well just send me your suggestions, I will include them. coprolalia.web@gmail.com

  • hey how do i disable this im stuck!!!!!!!!!!

  • disaster... How Firefox admits such an addon...

    Developer response

    Well, thanks for trying it out. Why they admit it? Don't know. Maybe because they believe in a free world, where the people can choose between installing and ignoring add-ons. Keep smiling...

  • weird but cool and funny, my brother got confused LoL.

  • HAHA IT is like my goddamn Firefox has Turrets Syndrome!!!1

  • This was a pretty good idea, but due to the lack of an "Options" allowing me to choose which swears I want to turn on and which ones I don't want displayed, this is unusable to me. There are certain swears I don't really want to see from it. Otherwise, it makes for great humor and a fitting environment for when I'm pissed off.

  • lol this is hilarious.. i wanna sneak this onto my mom's computer! "What do you scumbags think?"

  • LOL! I am just laughing thinking about the concept. Hee Hee!

  • This is a hoot, especially for sneaking into (hip) family members' and friends' browsers -- "Oh, no! I've been hacked by some pervert!" Be sure and be nice, of course, and reassure any of your "victims".

    And look up the Anti-Porn FF add-ons' pages. Good clean harmless fun, folk.

  • I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. Get this for the uncensored foul,foul,filthy,foul,foul,filthy,foul,filthy,foul text that will leave you laughing until the foulin' filthy cows come home!

  • I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. Get this for the uncensored foul,foul,filthy,foul,foul,filthy,foul,filthy,foul text that will leave you laughing until the foulin' filthy cows come home!

  • parents around tabs refresh instead of manual refresh

  • You should make it so when you disable it, it refreshes the page automatically. Same thing goes for when enabling it. xD

    Until then, I'm not sure I'm going to have this enabled while parents are here if you know what I'm saying.

  • The Samuel L. Jackson of add-ons. Makes even the dullest places on the internet entertaining. The range of tenses/vocabulary could be increased for even better results. I will let Coprolalia do the work of dirtying up this review.

  • Muahahahahhahahharrr, sensationell sinnlos, aber lustig. Ein Kompliment an den geistig abnormen Entwickler.

  • This has made my evening. Shared the love with some friends, who are also quite enjoying it. Great add-on, and being able to toggle it on and off is a wonderful touch.

  • Are you f***ing kidding me?!
    Geez, what a**hole would waste their time writing such a piece of s**t extension?!!
    And what f***ing moron would waste their time installing it?!!

    Call me f***ing moron #4. :)

    Can't wait to try it.
    Nice work. Very creative.